ARC Review: Restaurant to Another World, Vol. 1 by Junpei Inuzuka & Takaaki Kugatsu

Restaurant to Another World, Vol. 1Restaurant to Another World, Vol. 1 by Junpei Inuzuka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Somewhere in Tokyo, there is a certain special door. Most days, it stays closed and unmoving. Curiously, it opens up exactly once a week to welcome dwarves and dragons and elves who cannot wait for another chance to enjoy the inviting and comforting food of a restaurant from another world…

I loved the light novel last year, so I was looking forward to read this manga adaptation too. For a story that relies so much on visual information AKA delicious dishes, I feel a manga version conveys more compared to a light novel, even if the latter had illustrations. The story in this manga volume sticks close to the light novel, with the story about the adventurer’s grand-daughter, the elf (who are all vegans), the dragon, and the introduction of Aletta being the storylines included. The artwork is good, and I obviously loved the depiction of the dishes (though I wish it was in color), and the character design is close to the one from the light novel. What I did find unnecessary was the multiple scenes sexualizing Aletta, who looks sorta teenage (I don’t remember if the light novel included her age) and having upskirt angles and two bathing scenes is way too much fanservice for a story that is primarily about FOOD!!! Overall, it is a feel-good series about food comforting and bringing people together.

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