Art Commissions

Art commissions are currently open. Please refer to the graphic below for a broad overview of rates.

Here are FAQs

What can I commission from you?

Well, I’ll be doing mostly character design artwork! Think OC design, D&D character design, couple commissions, gift commissions, profile icons, you as your Hogwarts persona, fanart! Basically any human person art! Or hey, even creature stuff, too – but that would be a special artwork so we’d have to negotiate how that would work! You can see examples on my Instagram (see sidebar)!

How much would it cost me?

I have set these prices according to the amount of time it takes me to work a piece.


Lineart: $15
Color (flat): $25
-[Add simple shading]: +$5
-[Semireaslistic shading]: +10

Waist up/half-body

Lineart: $20
Color (flat): $30
-[Add simple shading]: +$5
-[Semireaslistic shading]: +10


Lineart: $30
Color (flat): $35
-[Add simple shading]: +$5
-[Semireaslistic shading]: +15


A simple solid color or gradient would be a part of any of the above packages. If you want, it can be a transparent background too! However any further additions would be charged as follows:
Adding patterns/small objects to background: +$15
Adding scenery: +$25
Adding another character/creature: +$(25-30) or more depending on complexity

terms & conditions
  • A standard commission would be 8.5inx11in canvas (300 dpi), and will be delivered as a digital (.png) file.
  • Non-standard commissions (e.g. poster involving many characters, complex poses/angles/background, non-human characters or creatures) can be negotiated as per complexity.
  • On commissioning me, we will discuss your vision, and I will make a smaller thumbnail as a concept. If acceptable, I can move onto actual work with 50% of payment paid beforehand, and the rest paid on delivery of the completed artwork. All payments accepted only via PayPal, the info for which will be given.
  • I will not do any artwork that depicts minors/childlike characters in sexualized poses, or anything that can be considered hateful. NSFW commissions will be accepted, within reason. Deciding to accept to do a commission is at my discretion.

Okay, but what if I want to buy any current artwork?

First of all, thank you!

You can find my designs at

Also, if you just want to support, you can use Ko-Fi!

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