ARC Review: An Incurable Case of Love, Vol. 2 by Maki Enjōji

An Incurable Case of Love, Vol. 2An Incurable Case of Love, Vol. 2 by Maki Enjōji
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nurse Nanase has striven to once again meet the prince of her dreams, so how is it he’s become such an aggravating doctor?!

After witnessing a handsome and charming young doctor saving a stranger’s life five years ago, Nanase Sakura trained to become a nurse. But when she meets the doctor again and they start working together, she finds Kairi Tendo to be nothing like the man she imagined him to be!

Her first love is a Dark Lord with an awful personality! Nanase respects him as a doctor, but he still makes her furious!

Nanase became a nurse to chase after Dr. Kairi Tendo. Unfortunately, now she must deal with his tyranny. He kisses her and calls it a medical treatment. He’s good at his job, but he’s a despicable man! Despite this, Nanase does something unexpected to the Dark Lord!

After Tendo’s sudden kiss in the previous volume, Nanase is like how should I act now? What did it mean? Meanwhile, he is putting up a placid front, so she decides that she should stop herself from falling in love with him all again, and just keep him as a mentor in her mind. In a drunken outburst, however, she lets slip in front of her colleagues that he kissed her, which puts the gossip factory at the hospital in overdrive. That, and the introduction of a new doctor, who is also handsome and popular, means that Tendo is starting to be more aware of their relationship. What isn’t cool is his jealousy-fuelled actions, like when the other doctor (who also happens to be his classmate who he DIDN’T LIKE) starts flirting with Nanase or helping her out. Meanwhile, poor Nanase is all confused with his actions, and maybe I’m tired of love interests who do that, so yeah, not cool, Tendo, not cool.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review from Viz Media LLC, via Edelweiss.

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Releases on January 7, 2020

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