2018 Wrap-Ups & 2019 Sign-Ups #1

I know, I know - it is only the second week of December, so this may seem like an early wrap-up post. BUT BUT BUT!! I have about 18(19?) challenges to wrap up for, and for some of them I have already passed my goals, so to avoid making a loooooong post about it on … Continue reading 2018 Wrap-Ups & 2019 Sign-Ups #1

2016 Wrap-Up *Reading Challenges*

Whew, 2016 is finally over! This has been a difficult year around the world and a lot of us are relieved it is over, and are glad to welcome in 2017 for the possibility of new things. But before we say goodbye to 2016, it is good to recount all the good things that happened, … Continue reading 2016 Wrap-Up *Reading Challenges*

September Wrap-Up

September - my favorite month! It has nothing to do with the fact that my birthday falls in September, though - nothing at all. 😉 Now, September has more meaning for me - we are starting to usher in fall, and the fantastic weather that comes along with it. Temperatures were still high throughout most … Continue reading September Wrap-Up

July-August Wrap-Up

Despite my resolution to keep some regular posts, I slipped up and forgot to post my July wrap-up last month. So, instead of doing it later, I thought I would just do a joint wrap-up for both July and August. First off, Goodreads Reading Challenge: 2016 Reading Challenge Krutula has read 190 books toward her … Continue reading July-August Wrap-Up

June Wrap-Up

Half the year has gone by, and it has been a good reading experience for me (it always is, tbh). For starters, I think this is the first time I have been consistently ahead of my reading challenge progresses this far in the game. First off, Goodreads Reading Challenge: 2016 Reading Challenge Krutula has read … Continue reading June Wrap-Up

April Wrap-Up

April was a slow month for me, compared to others, because though I started off strong in the first few days, soon I was pining for The Raven King. It became so that I was only listening to audiobooks of the first three in the three weeks that preceded it's release, and barely could start … Continue reading April Wrap-Up

January Wrap-Up

So, since I am participating in soooo many reading challenges this year, and honestly it is difficult to keep track of them, I am reviving my Looking Back posts, in which at the end of the month, there will be masterpost of challenge updates, review links, and general news (I won't get too personal, promise!) … Continue reading January Wrap-Up

2016 Reading Challenges – update!

I came across more reading challenges I wanted to join! A point-based challenges for series books. I am challenging myself at the advanced level, that is, 51-75 points. For more info on the point system, you can click on the banner above. Sign ups are open till December, so you can join whenever. For the … Continue reading 2016 Reading Challenges – update!