New Year Book Tag 2021

Hello everyone, Spira here, how are you all doing? 😀 I have a different type of post planned for you all today. I have been pondering ever since the start of the new year what are going to be my goals. 2020 has been big for me for a lot of terms that I won't … Continue reading New Year Book Tag 2021

The Little Women Book Tag

I found it on Petyr Baeish Books and its creator is Jananie @ This Story Aint Over. 1. Jo Name a book that you wished you’d written because it’s just that good I'm not the writer type so I don't wish I had written this book in that way - it's more like I related … Continue reading The Little Women Book Tag

The Manic Book Tag

Another music-themed book tag! I found it on Petyr Baeish Books and its creator is Fadwa @ Word Wonders. 1. Ashley A book with great character development || The Poppy War The amount of trauma that these characters go through, though... 2. Clementine A book with mental health representation || For a Muse of Fire … Continue reading The Manic Book Tag

The Folklore Book Tag

Found this tag on A Whisper of Ink and its creator is Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink. Taylor Swift's surprise release (I didn't even know for a couple of days, and then found out when I logged onto Twitter lol) has delighted everyone, and I, too am loving most of the songs on the … Continue reading The Folklore Book Tag