Readathoning in October

Much like September, I am staring down a galley queue which means I am skipping all the Halloween-themed challenge-based readathons (the Hocus Pocus readathon was so tempting but I can't *sob*). I will still be reading some creepy books this month to get into the spirit of Halloween, though! OwnTober (month-long) Hosted by Books and … Continue reading Readathoning in October


Readathoning in September

Another lighter reading challenge month, because I have a galley queue glaring down at me! I will be doing 3 this month - one of which is my own (I would be delighted if you join!) Sequel September (month-long) Hosted by Books and Munches, this challenge is to read sequels! I def have some sequels … Continue reading Readathoning in September

Readathoning in August

I took it lighter in July, and I'm taking it light even in August too! September 3 is a mega release day - it seems a lot of amazing books are being released that day (RIP all your wallets), and I myself have some 12 galleys that are having that release date. So I couldn't … Continue reading Readathoning in August

Readathoning in July

As with June, I am taking it a bit lighter with readathons this month, only going for more open challenges instead of prompt-based ones. I had originally intended for two more challenges (Mermaidathon and Strangeathon) but nixed them because they were not fitting right with my schedule and book reading demands. SciFi July (month-long) Hosted … Continue reading Readathoning in July

December 2018 Wrap-Up

2018 is over! And if felt like an eternity and just yesterday that I was waking up for hatsuhinode. And I hope you wake up to a beautiful sunrise in 2019 too, but first, I wanna wrap up December and the year, and say a relieved good-bye for the year. Now if you remember right, … Continue reading December 2018 Wrap-Up

Readathoning in November

November is here and there are so many readathons up this month (considering it is nearly the end of the year so people are rushing to finish up book goals, and it is also close to festivals), you are spoiled for choice. (Btw, if you are looking for readathons, I would suggest looking up this … Continue reading Readathoning in November

October 2018 Wrap-Up

OCTOBER IS OCTOVER, FOLKS! So, we are staring down at the end of the year, and things are still pretty rough. Honestly, at this moment, I am just hoping for 2019 to be a better year; 2018 is kinda  not salvageable now. Still, books always are a comfort and I know it is such an … Continue reading October 2018 Wrap-Up

September 2018 Wrap-Up

September is over and can you believe we are staring down the end of the year? This month was filled with a lot of complicated emotions for me, much of which I tried to push down with books and art. Also me missing Japan, and the advent of autumn has me more morose than usual. … Continue reading September 2018 Wrap-Up

Readathoning in October

Halloween is here!!! Okay, only October is here, but it is time to get SPOOKY!!! There are actually a lot of horror-themed or fall-themed, or Halloween-themed readathons happening this month, but I am very sad to announce that I won't be doing any of them. I have a huge galley pile for October (and November) … Continue reading Readathoning in October

Readathoning in September

I am so excited for new readathons this September! All of them are long readathons and this will be my first Seasonal Series readathon (I missed both Spring and Summer ones). I mostly have a TBR set, but some of the prompts of the themed readathons are vague enough to allow multiple books. Sequel September … Continue reading Readathoning in September

August 2018 Wrap-Up

The monsoon has been raging on and I have been keeping myself at home, curled up in the sofa, reading. August was a tough month for me, mentally, which meant I walked into the welcoming arms of books to distract me from personal troubles. I am still job-hunting, and when I am not, I keep … Continue reading August 2018 Wrap-Up

Readathoning in August

This month I am very excited for the readathons. I haven't done a themed one in a while, and since I heard about the NEWTs I was waiting to do it! I haven't done the OWLs but I am thinking of doing that another month. Along with that, I'm doing the Cosmo Readathon and the … Continue reading Readathoning in August

July 2018 Wrap-Up

It's Halloween! Or close to it, anyway! I am sad that I am no longer in a country that has autumns (I hate summer with the ferocity of a thousand suns, ironically), but hey, if things work out well in August, I just might be next year! Meanwhile, to keep off my nervousness regarding the … Continue reading July 2018 Wrap-Up

Readathoning in July

Since June's single readathon sort of worked for me (I was still reading the last book on the last day until, like, the last hour, so it was still a struggle) so I'm a bit optimistic about going for slightly more intense goals for July. I still couldn't join #BecauseDragonsRAT and Retell-a-thon (both of which … Continue reading Readathoning in July