Readathoning in July 2020

For this month, too, I was planning to take things slow, but then I saw that there is Page-a-thon happening, which is passive enough to suit my galley-filled reading queue (having challenges really put a strain), and the other two, Off the Grid and SeriesTF also don't have any specific themes/challenges so it works for … Continue reading Readathoning in July 2020

Readathoning in June 2020

I'm (mostly) taking a break from readathons this June, because I have a full galley schedule this upcoming month (Quick question: why are so many books releasing on June 2, huh?) But since it is also Pride month, I wanted to do at least one queer-themed readathon, and I found a simple one. #SpectrumReads (month-long) … Continue reading Readathoning in June 2020

Readathoning in May 2020

OMG there are so many upcoming readathons that restraining myself from joining most of them was a challenge in itself! I managed to trim my list to these four, though there's also the monthly SeriesTF readathon (dates for May haven't been announced yet), so actually I'll be doing 5 readathons! Page-A-Thon (month-long) Page-a-thon is going … Continue reading Readathoning in May 2020

Readathoning in April 2020

I am excited to do many readathons this April, and I found some that fit my goals and needs! Three of them are casual non-specific challenges, and one is specific for contemporary fiction. Page-A-Thon (month-long) A casual readathon where the goal is pagecounts! There are teams (according to what season you were born in) and … Continue reading Readathoning in April 2020

Readathoning in March 2020

This month, I was looking to get into more readathons, but I didn't find any that would suit me, so I am going with one I did last year, too - Monstrous March. Aside from that, I will also have the week-long Series TF readathon, the dates for which are yet TBA. Monstrous March (month-long) … Continue reading Readathoning in March 2020

Readathoning in February 2020

For February, I am not planning to do any further readathons, other than the ones I am doing right now. With a lot of galleys, I think I should take a break from themed readathons. However, I am still in the middle of one so that one will continue... Swiftathon (Jan 13 - Feb 13) … Continue reading Readathoning in February 2020

Readathoning in January 2020

So, I am planning to start off January with a bang, as starting off your reading challenges with a lead is infinitely more confidence-inducing, and much more panic-decreasing. But, I also have gathered a bunch of galleys for January (and Februrary and March, for that matter) so I have to also like have a balance … Continue reading Readathoning in January 2020

Readathoning in December

We are looking at the end of the year and I am looking at my incomplete list of reading challenges, and you know what, I am taking it light on the new challenges this month. I have a few of the difficult yearly challenges (2019 New Release, A to Z reading Challenge, Series To Finish) … Continue reading Readathoning in December

Readathoning in November

This November, too, I am going hard with readathons because we are all staring down the end of the year and so gotta catch up on the goals we haven't achieved yet. I still have some reading challenges that I am way behind on, and will try to catch up as much as possible this … Continue reading Readathoning in November

Readathoning in October

Much like September, I am staring down a galley queue which means I am skipping all the Halloween-themed challenge-based readathons (the Hocus Pocus readathon was so tempting but I can't *sob*). I will still be reading some creepy books this month to get into the spirit of Halloween, though! OwnTober (month-long) Hosted by Books and … Continue reading Readathoning in October

Readathoning in September

Another lighter reading challenge month, because I have a galley queue glaring down at me! I will be doing 3 this month - one of which is my own (I would be delighted if you join!) Sequel September (month-long) Hosted by Books and Munches, this challenge is to read sequels! I def have some sequels … Continue reading Readathoning in September

Readathoning in August

I took it lighter in July, and I'm taking it light even in August too! September 3 is a mega release day - it seems a lot of amazing books are being released that day (RIP all your wallets), and I myself have some 12 galleys that are having that release date. So I couldn't … Continue reading Readathoning in August

Readathoning in July

As with June, I am taking it a bit lighter with readathons this month, only going for more open challenges instead of prompt-based ones. I had originally intended for two more challenges (Mermaidathon and Strangeathon) but nixed them because they were not fitting right with my schedule and book reading demands. SciFi July (month-long) Hosted … Continue reading Readathoning in July

December 2018 Wrap-Up

2018 is over! And if felt like an eternity and just yesterday that I was waking up for hatsuhinode. And I hope you wake up to a beautiful sunrise in 2019 too, but first, I wanna wrap up December and the year, and say a relieved good-bye for the year. Now if you remember right, … Continue reading December 2018 Wrap-Up