On the Pod this week #60

A weekly wrap post for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

Haha I did make post #60! Anyway, that’s all for this year’s listening!

STATS for 2020:

total listening duration: 89 hours

total number of episodes: 200 episodes

(Compared to 2019’s 257 hours, this is roughly a quarter of the listening time!)

New podcast

No new podcasts started as I still am catching up (╥﹏╥)

Current podcasts

The Magnus Archives

Episode 185 – Locked In

“Case ########-25. An examination on the nature of Justice. Recorded by the Archivist in Situ.”

Police brutality horror. Too prescient. Interesting choice of the fear victim, though.

Archivist: ‘Deserve’. Huh. Now there’s a word that always causes trouble.

Episode 186 – Quiet

“Case ########-26. A dialogue on solitude. Recorded by Martin, in situ.”

Nope, too too real and too relatable. Martin is walking through his own domain, which is a mix of the Lonely and the Eye, and when ‘he’ begins to describe the victims of the domain, and I wondered what that would be like, and upon finding what it would be like, I’m sort of regretting it hahaha. Which also means it was superb in its presentation of the horror of the concept.

Episode 187 – Checking Out

“Case ########-27. An exploration of hospitality. Recorded by The Archivist in situ.”

While Martin is in his domain, Jon deals with Helen!Distortion, during which we also get the statement of a victim who is stuck in a hotel searching for her kid.

Episode 188 – Centre of Attention

“Case ########-28. Observations of surveillance Recorded by The Archivist in situ.”

At long last, they are in the seat of the Eye, which is, as expected, a surveillance hellscape of London. Also roommate horror. Very ‘what will people think’ horror.

“Most surveilled city in the world, so much so that you didn’t even notice most of the time.”

Episode 189 – Peers

“Case ########-29. Considerations of governmental oversight. Recorded by The Archivist in situ.”

Martin: “So what, it’s just a, an eldritch popularity contest?”

LOL Martin’s line! And then the episode being about politicians wanting to hold onto public approval. And OMG I was so happy to see Georgie and Melanie again!!!

Melanie: It’s fine, Georgie. You can use the c world.

Martin: E-Excuse me?

Georgie: Fine. We’ve got,sort of a….cult.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 168 – Secret Blotter

“For the first time ever, the Sheriff’s Secret Police has made their blotter public.”

Okay I was listening to this early the morning on lonely streets, and what a mood! Every random thing happening across Night Vale on a regular night was definitely something I didn’t know I needed to know.

Episode 169 – The Whittler

“An old man sits on the steps of the old General Store whistling a lonesome tune.”

This was so beautiful in a way *wipes tear*

Episode 170 – To the Family and Friends

“To the family and friends of Intern Victor, we extend our condolences”

About the one intern who survived Nightvale radio, living a life outside, and now he’s much older than Cecil.

Episode 171 – Go to the Mirror?

“Have you ever looked at yourself? Truly looked at yourself?”

I get all the existential horror I need from The Magnus Archives, thanks! (JK)

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