Book Review: Last Christmas by Josie Jaffrey

56185402. sy475 Last Christmas: A Daggett Dragon Short Story by Josie Jaffrey
My Ratings: 5/5

Some secrets are best left buried.

With the latest land reclamation project, the Daggett mansion is finally accessible again; rich pickings for a crew like Mara’s.
It was supposed to be a simple heist, planned to perfection, but there’s something in the water that they hadn’t anticipated. And inside the mansion: bodies and memories.
It turns out that Mara picked this mark for a reason. She’s about to remember what it is.

Trigger Warnings: Family Abuse, Murder, Gore, Death.

‘Just because dragons and treasure fit together in stories, that doesn’t mean they fit together in real life,’ says Osian.

Christmas is the time where it brings together families, friends, and neighbors together. Everyone can be merry, forgot their worries for a while and just have a jolly old time. That is unless the holiday is set in a post apocalyptic world and your survival takes priorities. Last Christmas is such a marvelous short read. It is horrifying how this world was written so similarly to the recent changes in climate and the looming threats of floods and other disasters brewing in the making. Then, if that’s not enough why not add big sea monsters swimming in the ponds waiting for a poor sap to endanger their life so foolishly?

Josie just knows how to steal my attention not only with her subtle world she written but with the plot. Mara has one goal, get the job done and stay alive. Of course when you plan a heist things will go badly, especially if its a creepy old abandon mansion. Nothing can possibly go wrong… Right? You want a different type of story to read for the holidays? Then look no further then this blood thrilling little tale all about Christmas, monsters and people.

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