On the Pod this week #59

A weekly wrap post for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I know I said the last post that I have been waking up super early, but now that has changed (again). Will I make it to #60 by the end of this year? Maybe…

New podcast

No new podcasts started as I still am catching up (╥﹏╥)

Current podcasts

The Magnus Archives

Episode 183 – Monument

“Case ########-23. Considerations of knowledge. Recorded by the Archivist in Situ.”

WTF do you mean that Martin has his own domain???? Did the Eye give it to Martin like ‘the Lonely’s avatar can have a little domain, as a treat’??? Also, main content is about academia horror lol. If you check the transcipt, there’s this golden line, which makes me *laughing while crying bitterly*:


Episode 184 – Like Ants

“Case ########-24. An examination of hive mentality. Recorded by the Archivist in situ.”

As Martin says “Nope. Nope. Do not like that one at all.” A fear domain full of ants, slowly torturing you to death? A big nope from me too. Jordan makes an appearance in this episode and yeah, even I was like “Who’s Jordan?” at first.  Also, Jon can make Avatars now???

The Penumbra Podcast

Episode 3.21 – Juno Steel and the What Lies Beyond

“Juno Steel has been feeling a little out-of-body, lately. Kind of like… well, it’s been so busy he hasn’t even had time to listen to his own thoughts. But the day of a wedding demands reflection: on where we came from, and where we are going. And at the end of a good thing, is there any question scarier than “where are we going?” Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Traveler. We hope you enjoy your stay.”

When I saw that this is not a two-parter, I should’ve known it would end on a cliffhanger (I mean they usually do even in two-parters, but this one was a particularly big hit on the nerves). Okay, first we have so much lovey-dovey moments – Nureyev gives Juno a scavenger hunt because the latter has been sulking as he hasn’t been given any wedding prep duties. Said scavenger hunt involves Juno spending time with the others in the family, so it is sweet moments all around. Juno is also thinking about his and Nureyev’s relationship and whether he is ready to take it further. Then there’s the wedding, which made me quite emotional, too. God, I loved hearing about how Buddy and Vespa met! But then after all that, came the danger! Aahhh, I can’t wait until January to find out why Sasha why???

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 167 – Echo

“The pilot has arrived, and so have his passengers. (Part 5 of 5)”

I found out I had missed the conclusion episode of this arc. Well, I wasn’t really that invested in this storyline, so it was meh.

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