On the Pod this week #58

A weekly wrap post for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I know I said the last post may be the last for the year, but hey I have been waking up super early these last couple of weeks, so I listen to podcasts on my morning walk with my dog (while also getting some steps in for Pokemon Go egg-hatching lol), and so, yeah, I got some time to listen!

New podcast

No new podcasts started because I still am catching up on episodes (╥﹏╥)

Current podcasts

The Magnus Archives

Episode 182 – Wellbeing

“Case ########-22. Notes on healing. Recorded by the Archivist in Situ.”

Sinister hospitals and the fear of medical institutions. That’s all can be said for it  (ㆆ _ ㆆ). Oh, and there is an appearance from an old acquaintance.

DR DOE: We have a canteen.
ARCHIVIST: [Hushed] Don’t ask about the canteen
MARTIN: [Hushed] I wasn’t going to ask about the canteen!

The Penumbra Podcast

Episode 3.17 – Juno Steel and the Heart of It All (Part 1)

“It’s showtime — and what a show lies ahead of us. Tonight we steal a legend, darlings, and no one in this galaxy is more prepared for the task than we. Why, nothing could stop any one of us, I should think, which does raise an interesting question: if none of us can be stopped, what happens if one of us attempts to do the stopping? Welcome to the Penumbra, darlings. I do hope you enjoy your stay.”

The Buddy Aurinko episode OMG!!!!! She is a new favorite of mine! This episode also has them finally infiltrating the Vault for the Curemother Prime, and so it is a HEIST episode! Listening through Buddy’s PoV is a treat, because she is, um, amazing, but also she has a way of analyzing the other characters, especially Nureyev who she isn’t entirely trusting but still keeping a watch on (as opposed to Vespa who is ready to tear into him at any moment). Part 1 is about them getting past the fortifications of the vault, and also giving fuel to the suspicions regarding Nureyev.

Episode 3.18 – Juno Steel and the Heart of It All (Part 2)

“A legend can only die when the stories surrounding it stop being told. But a life, even one that generates legends in its time… a life is very, very fragile. Which is worth saving, then? A legend that will go on for ages… or a life, fleeting and delicate and precious? Welcome to the Penumbra, dear Travelers. We hope you enjoy your stay.”

Buddy, being in the danger due to EMP messing with her artificial heart, is trying to put on a brave face for the family, but while they off in the Vault, she is dealing with it alone… Jet worrying like a mother hen about it had me emotional. And then Buddy and Vespa finally have a Talk and I am so happy that there is a wedding coming up soon! Also, yeah, some heist shenanigans!

Episode 3.19 – Second Citadel: The Priestess’ Fortune (Part 1)

“On the eve of the Kite’s assault: a story of two awakenings.”

Caroline goes to investigate Milltown, for which she has to fake an escape (because Absolon is a dick that’s why)!!! For company, she has her girlfriend, Quanyii, and now I want to know how these two became a couple because Caroline being exasperated with Quanyii’s drama (which is cute and hilarious) makes me curious about that story. Meanwhile, Olala is going through a journey of realization of her own. Gotta say, though, it was heartbreaking to see her happy with the Sisters again, knowing it is not real.

QUANYII: It’s been months since we spent time together!
CAROLINE: We saw each other barely five days ago. When you brought a monster child into the second-most-restricted room in the Citadel.
QUANYII: For five seconds! And you were working! And yelling at me! But not in a fun way!

Episode 3.20 – Second Citadel: The Priestess’ Fortune (Part 2)

Caroline finds there is more to Milltown, thanks to Ale, who takes her into where the people are and explains stuff to her. Ale having to face yet another knight makes  me chuckle a bit, because here he is, facing another one in the same week. Also, there are dryads in this world yeah! And we get to know more about Olala and what the Garden of Graves is; it was quite an emotional scene when Olala is told everything about her past.

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 173 – The Hundred Year Play

“After a century of continuous performance, the Hundred Year Play is nearing its final scene.”

Sometimes I am reminded again that Cecil himself is one of the immortals of Night Vale. Like I know time is wonky in Night Vale, but Cecil was present at the premiere of the play that has been running non-stop for 100 years. (Let’s not even think logistics of how it would work!) ò_ô

Episode 174 – Radio Jupiter

“There appears to be some interference in our transmission. Please standby.”

A transmission from space! An amnesiac pilot of the blood space war interrupts regularly scheduled (is there a schedule tho) programming to ruminate on what is going on…To tell you the truth, when the episode started, I had to check my phone to see if it really was a Night Vale episode playing, because I thought it might be a preview episode for some new podcast hahahah

Episode 175 – The October Monologues

“It is October, and, once again, something is different.”

We listen from the Faceless Old Woman, Michelle and Steve Carlsberg. BTW, it is hilarious to know that Steve looked up to Cecil during his teens (is Cecil’s sister an immortal like him too? they were children together? but Steve also is much much younger than them?)

Episode 176 – The Autumn Specter

“It’s the perfect time of year for getting candy, telling spooky stories, and fearing a soul-reaping, malevolent spirit.”

The Halloween episode! Cecil tells urban legends and spooky myths with his own twist, and I loved it! Also, there is something much more spooky than the station management in the studio; Cecil run!

Episode 177 – Bloody Laws, Bloody Claws

“The final episode of the true crime podcast “Bloody Laws, Bloody Claws: The Murder of Frank Chen””

Cecil’s side gig is running a true crime podcast OMG! And he is reporting on the courtroom proceedings of the murder of Frank Chen by Hiram McDaniels, so he is at court, with his hefty recording equipment and I can just imagine everyone side-eyeing him. Also, Carlos making an appearance to deliver him his lunch was so sweet and domestic!

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Case 28-32 (5 episodes)

I would do an episode by episode comment but the story is so linked, that I can’t separate the episodes in my mind! Anyway, so we are now in Season 3, and Brushland’s been divided thanks to Gloria. Kalila and her friends are working with the fae to find a solution, while she is also working on herself and Shadow, and her Animex. Meanwhile, the client sessions are getting recorded directly now, as Kalila is doing something new in this time.

“Are you a listener to any of these podcasts? Just wanna scream about the episodes? Tell me in the comments!
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