Review: QQ Sweeper, Vol. 2 by Kyousuke Motomi

QQ Sweeper, Vol. 2QQ Sweeper, Vol. 2 by Kyousuke Motomi
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Kyutaro Horikita, the tall, dark and handsome cleaning expert of Kurokado High, is about to meet a sleeping maiden at the school: transfer student Fumi Nishioka! Fumi’s going to learn how to rid the school of nasty spirits with Kyutaro’s help, and her heart will surprisingly be “cleansed” too…!

Fumi’s image keeps overlapping with that of Fuyu, Kyutaro’s childhood crush, who remains in his thoughts to this day. Meanwhile, Fumi starts to work as a Sweeper with Kyutaro’s family, but she struggles with keeping her past a secret. Has Fumi finally found a place to call home or will her cursed past catch up to her?

Warnings: physical assault

This book delves into the backstory of the characters, and a bit about the lore of the Sweepers. When Fumi is attacked by a senior at school, who had become corrupted by the evil, she is reminded by the past she is running from. After she tries to leave the Horikitas, there is a whole confrontation and Fumi’s past is revealed as a kid who seems to be cursed, and people who have been giving up on her, but she herself still searching for a place she can belong. Meanwhile, Kyutaro starts to see more and more similarities between her and the childhood friend he had met one winter 10 years ago, and who disappeared. Fumi’s lack of memories prior to 10 years ago also solidly points out that she may be the girl called Fuyu, but whether she is cursed or not really remains to be seen, as she is once again folded back into the family.

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