Book Review: NieR:Automata: Long Story Short by Jun Eishima and Yoko Taro

39796468NieR:Automata: Long Story Short by Jun Eishima and Yoko Taro
my ratings: 2/5

Experience the world and characters of the hit video game franchise!

When alien forces invade with an army of Machines, the remnants of humanity must depend on Androids of their own design—the placid 2B and the excitable 9S—to survive.

From: Pod 042

To: Fans of NieR: Automata

Recommendation: The action to finish reading this novel.

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Response: A novel is a story that used to be told by humans.

Question: The definition of the word “interesting”?

Answer: A possible definition is that the ability to continue reading this novel makes it “interesting.”

From Pod 042 to 153: We have concluded our promotional duties.

Trigger Warnings: Suicide, Murder, Genocide, xenophobia, Obsession, gore.

Books adapting video games into the literature format is nothing new. In fact, many video games originally started as scripts or drafts before they were submitted and later brought into the world of colorful pixels and fantastic visual storytelling. Then comes a game like Nier Automata which frankly does a spectacular job using all of its sources it has on the PlayStation 4 (or any other gaming system you might use) to present one if not the best story driven you’ve seen in the last couple of years with intriguing tweaks and meta insight to its core gameplay mechanics to improve your journey and to have a full appreciation to it.

Then what is the problem with a light novel such as this? It tries to retell the entirety of the story but lacks the depth and what makes Nier Automata truly special. It doesn’t have the soul of the soundtrack that is one of the highly integral parts of what makes this game so memorable. The story which has so many routes, repeatability options and so many secrets to unfold is summarized in such a short time you can’t even process anything. The book simply parades around as a novelization of the story and frankly I am appealed by how little of thought went into this. Sometimes adaptions needs to reflect more carefully on how you want your audience will seek enjoyment out of another medium to a product they already consumed and bought.

Don’t get me wrong. Jun Eishima is a phenomenal writer and does a great job with what she has but on this light novel she couldn’t bring out what me and so many others loved about this game. I hope that the other short stories collection book has much more to offer then this sad little bauble.

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