ARC Review: A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow, Vol. 3 by Makoto Hagino

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow, Vol. 3A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow, Vol. 3 by Makoto Hagino
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Sometimes you find what you yearn for…

When her dad gets a job overseas, Konatsu Amano has to leave the Tokyo life she’s always known and relocate to a small seaside town to stay with her aunt. The move also means starting a new school surrounded by complete strangers, and it’s a lot to handle for a girl who has trouble with change. But on her first day in her new town, Konatsu is instantly drawn to Koyuki, an older girl who is the sole member of the Aquarium Club. Konatsu’s introverted tendencies are hard for her to overcome, but maybe she’s found something worth coming out of her shell for?

Koyuki and Konatsu, each lonely in her own way, are the only two members of the Nanahama High School Aquarium Club. As they spend time together, they discover that they are increasingly drawn to each other. When they go to the town summer festival together, Konatsu is finally able to ask why Koyuki spoke to her that first day at the aquarium open house. But Koyuki doesn’t have an easy answer, and her stumbling reply makes the mood uncomfortable. Will this new awkwardness force a distance between them?

This volume has Konatsu and Koyuki figuring out, by themselves, their relationship with each other, and there’s a lot of things being left unsaid. Like, when Konatsu asks Koyuki why the latter had approached her the first time they had met, Koyuki gives her a generic answer, or when they have to work on the club’s event for the school festival, Konatsu takes it upon herself to do everything possible. There’s not a lot going on as per plot, to be honest, but we do see subtle exploration of how they interact with each other. Koyuki’s hesitation over helping her classmates for her class’ evnets because she wants to spend more time with Konatsu, but not being able to say so out aloud. Konatsu’s conversation with her brother that hints at how she feels for Koyuki. All this added to the uncertainty and awkwardness the two of them would experience around each other, not being able to say that they want to spend more time each other but also really wanting to.

Is it diverse? sapphic romance

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review from Viz Media LLC, via Edelweiss.

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Releases on May 12, 2020

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