On the Pod this week #55

A weekly wrap post for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

Okay it has been a little over a month, and I haven’t updated here because I was not listening as much to audio dramas, and the listening I was doing was more of the non-fiction variety. Still, I started a new mystery podcast – Arden; also hey, The Magnus Archives is back for its final season!

New podcast


On December 25th, 2007, movie star and heiress Julie Capsom crashed her car into a tree in Northern California, walked into a nearby clearing, and vanished, leaving behind a male torso in her trunk. 10 years later, reporter Bea Casely and private detective Brenda Bentley are going to reopen the case. Each has a personal tie to the story. Each thinks they know what happened. And each knows the other is going to screw this whole thing up. Join Bea, Brenda, and the rest of the Good People at Wheyface Radio as they attempt to answer once and for all: what happened to Julie Capsom?

Episode 1 – “Aliens Did It”

“Forced into an unlikely partnership, Bea, a committed radio journalist, and Brenda, an unconventional private detective, team up for a new radio investigation into the 2007 disappearance of starlet, Julie Capsom. They’ll unravel the mystery, or possibly unravel each other.”

This first episode mainly establishes the relationship between the two narrators – the journalist and the rookie cop who were first on the case – and their present bickering over the other’s work ethic, as well as the details of the case on the scene, and a little backstory about the missing victim, the torso, etc.

Episode 2 – “Horses Did It”

“How did Julie Capsom and Ralph Montgomery meet? What’s the best Halloween costume? Are tiny horses and ponies the same thing? Bea and Brenda ask the important questions and dig into the possibly tragic, possibly terrifying backstory of Julie and Ralph.”

As Brenda and Bea have come to sort of a truce in the previous episode, Brenda here mainly recounts the particulars of Julie’s life around that time – and the boys in her life, and especially Ralph’s life, and whether he truly can be considered a suspect or not. She also points out how Julie’s wild child life was more criminal than a scholarship student dealing weed on the side, but how he is considered dangerous.

Current podcast

Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke

Episode 11 – Not in a Sexy Way

“Dr Seabrooke helps a human prepare for a weekend with a gorgon, talks about finding desire with a golem, and helps an asexual vampire with separating feeding and romance.”

Dr Seabrooke gives an interesting solution to a gorgon long-distance romance dilemma – as in how to meet said gorgon girlfriend without turning into stone. Much like the case of the invisible girlfriend, she suggests using tech to solve the problem. She tackles issues of self-thought with a golem who finds it troublesome when people make imperative statements. And finally an ace vampire who wants to suck blood, but in a platonic way (did it remind me of Raphael Santiago a bit? yes).

Episode 12 – Futures

“Dr Seabrooke works through how to fight when your partner knows the outcome, talks to a dryad about human relationships moving too quickly, and takes a call from a unicorn that she might not be prepared for.”

The season finale and it finally lets us see a bit about Dr Seabrooke’s personal life. During the earlier calls itself, the doctor starts to become uncomfortable but the unicorn one pushes on some button or triggers something, because she rushes out of the recording studio. And with it being the finale, we won’t even know what it was!

The Magnus Archives

MAG 161 – Dwelling

“Case ########-1 An assortment of personal statements.”

AAAAAAAAA the fifth season of TMA is finally here! And this episode felt so short. It was tapes that Elias had sent to Jon, the first one about a birthday the Archival staff had planned for Jon (did I cry hearing Tim’s and Sasha’s voices? Yes) and then there was a tape that Gertrude had recorded, warning the next Archivist, about Elias’ intentions. Jon is obviously upset after hearing it, and Martin tries to soothe him. We also gets hints about how the world is now, and I am so scared what it means.

The Outliers

S2E2 – S2E9

S2E2 was awesome, with the story PoV being from Katherine of Aragorn’s maid Catalina, about her refusal to talk about her mistress’ life, but also talking so much more about the life at that time. There were many political intrigue stories like that, and some slightly different like the story about the wild boy in King George I’s household, or the astronomer Caroline Herschel, or even the story about a kitchenhand during Mary Tudor’s reign.

The Penumbra Podcast

Episode 3.09 – Juno Steel and the Shadows on the Ship (Part 1)

Vespa Ilkay’s best days are behind her.
It doesn’t matter if this statement is actually true; she has convinced herself that it is. Whenever Vespa looks at herself today all she can see is the woman she used to be: a galaxy-class doctor and assassin. A legend. It doesn’t matter if Vespa ever was a legend, or if she really has fallen as far as she thinks she has. She has made her decision, and tomorrow, she will act on it. Although that may not matter, either. Because if the visitor in the night has their way, tomorrow will never come.”


Episode 3.10 – Juno Steel and the Shadows on the Ship (Part 2)

Sometimes seeing the truth is enough to make you miss the blissful blindness that is ignorance.”


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