Animal Crossing New Horizons Book Tag🌴

I think by far, people cannot avoid Animal Crossing. Probably everyone and their mother knows about this game either by twitter, how it’s saving people from the current world situation of social distancing and the anxiety of the COVID-19 virus. Sadly I do not own a Nintendo Switch to enjoy this lovely little game about making friends, building a home on a island or having a jolly good time but I can respond to my friend, Kristina from Books and Dachshunds with this lovely little book tag 🙂

Rules ;

  • Credit & Tag me if you choose do it; i’d love to see your answers!
  • Tag other Animal Crossing fans
  • Have fun!

♦ New Villagers; New-to-you author you’d wanna read soon


I recently stumbled on twitter into this tweet by an author promoting her book that was on sale and it got me curious with the premise. Fierce and sassy protagonist, new twist of werewolves, what’s not to like? I hope to read it this year 🤞

♦ Dodo Airlines; Book that mades you travel to other part(s) of the world

Warcross (Warcross, #1)

I read Warcross back in 2017 when my aunt came to visit from Canada and brought me the book I requested. At the time I needed an escape due to my personal life spiraling down into a direction I didn’t like and my grandma health diminishing due to her age and Alzheimer.  This book was a breath fresh of air and I felt the travel Emika had journeyed from America bounty hunting criminals to going on a under covered mission in Tokyo on the behalf of the billionaire Hideo Tanaka to find out who’s messing with his world acclaimed virtual reality game.

♦ Deserted Island; Pick 3 books you’d go on a deserted island with!

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That is like asking what is my favorite meal and I’m an omnivore, it’s not fair 😂
If I do have to pick I guess I’ll do, Dune, Final Empire and This Savage Song.

♦ Nook Phone; Favorite book you’ve read as Ebook or Audiobook

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The Bridge Kingdom, I can’t even begin on explaining why you should read this.

♦ Toe beans; Your favorite pet/creature from a book

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Abraxos from the Throne of Glass series grown on me during my time of jumping into the series. He was the best Wyvern in a books series I read in a very long time. He was cute, deadly, so intelligent and his relationship with Manon Blackbeak throughout the series left me so vulnerable.

♦  Evolution; The most memorable character growth


Magnus Damora is one complex character to love. His first introduction will either repulse you, make you sympathized or heavily concerned with his involvement with the over whole plot of the Falling Kingdom Series. Magnus fights to be a better man then his father but he isn’t perfect and in fact the mirroring image of him and could be quite more cruel. He can be kind when he wants to be but he has too much to protect like his heart and position in the war. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE FREAKING ROMANCE OF THIS SERIES. I highly recommending on checking this series, is one of my all time favorite, okay?

♦  Tags

I won’t be tagging anymore but feel free to try it out 😀


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