#WomenInHorror reads for your spooky needs!

Hey y’all I have been informed by @spiravirgo that it is #WomenInHorrorMonth and granted it is nearly the end of February, that doesn’t mean the celebrations should end, right? So, we bring to you horror recs, from YA to Adult, so that you can add to your TBRs (if you haven’t read these yet) and keep celebrating women writing horror!

These recs span from existential horror, ghost horror, the fear of the unknown, fear of zombies, fear of death, etc.

Parasite (Parasitology, #1)Parasite by Mira Grant

This comes highly recommended from both of us, and it is an adult science fiction horror trilogy about genetically engineered parasites, that want to do more than they were intended for. It has a surprising twist, and I hope you will be unsettled by it as much as I was.

Contagion (Contagion, #1)Contagion by Erin Bowman

Contagion combines three fears – epidemic, zombies and deep space, so you will be in for a ride. It is a YA futuristic science fiction horror duology and brings in all the chills and thrills, and also queer rep!

Sawkill GirlsSawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

Curses, gothic setting a chilling atmosphere make this YA horror standalone quite an interesting read! Also if you are looking for ace rep and a f/f romance while you are at it, you need look no further!

Dread Nation (Dread Nation, #1)Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

Zombies in Civil war era? Black girls being badasses? Sapphic rep? How do I further sell you on this YA historical horror series?


Shallow Graves Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace

I often recommend this YA horror standalone book, and it is with good reason! It has a monster girl who kills bad guys y’all. That is like my favorite niche in horror written by women!

RelicRelic by Gretchen McNeil

Another one of my regular recs, Relic is a YA horror standalone has a slasher movie vibe with a cursed relic killing off characters one by one. Will they all survive? You gotta read the book to find out! Will you survive reading this in the dark? You gotta read the book to find out!

Down Among the Sticks and Bones (Wayward Children, #2)Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire

This YA horror novella plays on horror tropes like the mad scientist and the vampire overlord, evil twins, and has sapphic rep for days. It is part of a series but honestly you can even start here!

Beware the Wild (Beware the Wild, #1)Beware the Wild by Natalie C Parker

Do you want a horror story with changeling-like elements and set near a swamp for that good good Gothic horror setting? Go for this YA horror novel!

AshesAshes by Ilsa J Bick

An adult zombie horror in a post-apocalyptic setting with survival elements with loads of gore might not be for everyone to stomach, but I will recommend it nevertheless.

The Immortal Rules (Blood of Eden, #1)The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Post-apocalyptic dystopia + vampire overlords + young freshly-turned vampire means that this YA dystopia horror book is hella dark, and quite horrific.

Horror books that are on TBR!

Just because I haven’t read these doesn’t mean I should deprive you of the idea, so I decided to include the ones in my TBR, too, which I feel would be quite good to read, based on friends’ reviews.

Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy, #1) Zombie horror caused by too much science-ing. Loads of gore, I’m guessing. Plus, it is written by Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant so it has gotta be good.

Not Even Bones (Market of Monsters, #1) A supernatural market for body parts and a morally ambiguous supernatural creature of a protagonist make for a compelling premise already!

Into the Drowning Deep (Rolling in the Deep, #1)Okay I know it is another Mira Grant title, but honestly, deadly mermaids as apex predators of the sea? Sign me up!

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