On the Pod this week #53

A weekly wrap post for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

Haven’t done much of listening in the past two weeks, TBH, so it is mostly catching up on latest episodes of some podcasts

Current podcasts

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 161 – The Space Race

“It’s the annual Children’s Fun Fact Science Presentation. Everything in this episode is true and educational.”

Night Vale has its own version of the moon landing story and I was delighted by how absurd and inventive it was!

Episode 162 – Alpha

“Amelia Anna Alfaro was always the best at everything. (Part 1 of 5)”

A gifted child who hears voices and grows up to do something simpler than expected? And a mystery involving a missing flight? Man, this episode drew me in! And there’s still 4 more parts to go!

I gotta say, though – what was up with THAT Weather song? It was so jarring, considering the story’s tone was so quiet (you could almost zone off while listening) and then, with barely any warning a metal song blares?! My poor ears!

Supernatural Sexuality with Dr Seabrooke

Episode 9 – Distance

“Dr Seabrooke talks ethical communication in ghost relationships, meeting in the middle when it comes to travel with dryad, and how to move on after rebirth with a Phoenix.”

This episode was very much focused on letting go of a relationship, whether it be a person letting go of their ghost girlfriend by giving them the truth that was holding them here, or a phoenix who wants to let past relationships remain in the past. The dryad and the mermaid story was quite interesting, too, as it concerned with making efforts in a relationship and what to do when they aren’t respected.

The Axe & The Crown

E205: Off and Running

“The season finale! Betula receives some unexpected help with her run for town council.”

Stan and Betula have a difference of opinion when it comes to accepting ‘help’ from a specific party. It brought Stan’s idealism against Betula’s street-smart practicality, but also spoke about corporate interests in politics.

The Penumbra Podcast

Episode 3.05 – Second Citadel: The Lovers of the Fallen Tower (Part 1)

Untold years ago, a monster woman and a human man witnessed the end of the world. It went like this: one explosion; then two explosions; then a great rumbling; and then, darkness.
And that should have been the end of it, and them, and everything. But today, one-and-a-half monsters and two-and-a-half humans will witness that end again — and if they aren’t careful, it might be their end, too.”

Marc leaves Olala with the only responsible adult he knows, Rhilla, who is doing an experiment with Arum on the ghosts in Fort Terminus. But our favorite OT3 is having a rough start to their relationship, and as Arum and Damien aren’t communicating, Rhilla throws more intention into her work. Olala was a cute addition to a tense dynamic, though I wish we had some cute OT3 moments too! *cries*

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