Readathoning in February 2020

For February, I am not planning to do any further readathons, other than the ones I am doing right now. With a lot of galleys, I think I should take a break from themed readathons. However, I am still in the middle of one so that one will continue…

Swiftathon (Jan 13 – Feb 13)

It’s a Taylor Swift themed readathon with the prompts from the Lover album


I’ve already done 7 of the prompts so these are left:

  1. I forgot that you existed – a backlist book on tbr/ a book on your tbr for ages
  2. Cruel summer – a book that takes place in summer
  3. Lover – a contemporary romance
  4. The man – a feminist book/ a book with a strong female character
  5. The archer – an epic or high fantasy
  6. I think he knows – a book with a slow burn romance
  7. Miss americana and the heartbreak prince – a book that takes place in (high) school
  8. Paper rings – a book with the friends to lovers trope
  9. Cornelia street – a book you’ve been putting of reading/ finishing because you’re afraid to let go
  10. Death by a thousand cuts – a book about a break up/ a book set post-breakup
  11. london boy – a book that takes place in London/ the UK
  12. soon you’ll get better – a book that will make you sad/ cry
  13. false god – a book with smutty/ sexy content in it
  14. you need to calm down – a lgbtq+ book
  15. afterglow – give a book/ an author a second chance
  16. ME! – a book picked by you
  17. it’s nice to have a friend – a book about friendship
  18. daylight – reread a favorite

11 more prompts to go?

Which readathons do you plan to take part in this February?

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