Review: Orange Vol 6 – Future by Ichigo Takano

orange Vol. 6: -Future-orange Vol. 6: -Future- by Ichigo Takano
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Experience the world of orange from a whole new perspective, as the fate of the present and future timelines unfolds from the point of view of the ever-cheerful third wheel, Suwa Hiroto. Reuniting years later in college, Suwa and Naho’s lives have been forever scarred by their experiences in high school. They say time heals all wounds, but sometimes, time is not enough.

This volume gives us the story from Suwa’s perspective, the original timeline, as all of them try to move on from the loss of their friend. When Suwa and Naho reconnect in university, he can see Naho still hurting from Kakeru’s death. We get a lot of insight into him as a character, and while we already knew that he was selfless, seeing how much he loved both of them was nice. Seeing his and Kakeru’s friendship, knowing what we know from the series, and the points where he would have felt regret, and what he must have written in his letter to his past self – it is explored in this book, though it might feel a bit rushed because their storyline has been compressed and been jumped ahead to the Naho and Suwa finally going out, in the original timeline. It’s not a main read, and it doesn’t really add much to the plot, but if you liked Suwa, you might like reading this.

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