Say hello to Spira!

Folks, please welcome a new contributor to YA on my Mind, Spira!

As you well know, I have been the sole author on this blog, but recently Spira and me got to thinking about making posts together, since we have similar tastes in reading, and often buddy-read books! He is the sweetest person I know, and is an amazing friend and we endlessly gush about books together! While the post we were planning has been shelved for a later, more appropriate date, he also had other ideas regarding posts that he wanted to do!

But before all that, let’s get to know him a bit, eh?

Tell us five random things about yourself!

Why hello there! ❤
Nice to meet you all, I am Spira but my closest friends call me, Oz 🙂
Hmm, 5 facts? Sure I can do that.
I’m too gay to function, I’m a Hufflepuff, I’m Jewish, I’m Virgo and I’m a huge glutton.

What is your favorite genre?

I’m obviously a huge fantasy reader. It has been my go-to read ever since I began to read books as a child. Always helps me to escape my not so enlightened situation back at home and gave me a bit of salvation. Fantasy is so refreshing cause the imagination is endless and you get to experience myriad of different worlds and go on epic adventures 😀

Who is your favorite author?

Gosh, that’s like asking what is your favorite food and in my case I eat everything with no exception. I have so many authors I’ve followed and became a massive fan over the years but the biggest one I keep buying and supporting is Amanda Hocking. She was actually my first introduction to the Young Adult Genre when I was a teenager and one of my first English books I manage to read successfully like a pro. I love how over the years she has evolved. I love her evolution and hey each series she produces is different and unique 🙂

What are you reading right now?

Right now I am reading DEV1AT3 by Jay Kristoff and it is fun let me tell you ;p
Who doesn’t love apocalyptic dystopian world with robots, cyborgs, artificial intelligence and mutants? ❤

Any message to followers?

I hope you’d enjoy my contribution to the site since, Ruthie is my dear friend and I wanna support any way I can, so yeah, writing for her blog is one way 🙂

You can also follow him at:

Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads

2 thoughts on “Say hello to Spira!

  1. Well hello there Spira! Hope you’d have fun writting some posts too 😘

    Also.. it’s the first time i’m seeing your profile picture as detailed – not what I imagined ahaha but still such a nice art!

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