Readathoning in December

We are looking at the end of the year and I am looking at my incomplete list of reading challenges, and you know what, I am taking it light on the new challenges this month. I have a few of the difficult yearly challenges (2019 New Release, A to Z reading Challenge, Series To Finish) to finish up, so I am just adding Diverse December on the agenda for next month. Along with that I have the following I am doing:

Triwizard Tournament (Oct 31 – Dec 22)

I finished the First Task (for Hogwarts) and now its onto the Second Task this upcoming week, and then the Third Task next month!

Diverse December (month-long)


December is dedicated to all the diverse books out there.

My goals are to read 15 diverse books this December. No TBR because I will be mood reading this one.

Boneathon (Oct-Dec)

Readathon for The Bone Season series (first three books only, of course!) hosted  by Ashleigh on Twitter and Instagram. I am currently reading The Mime Order, and hope to read The Song Rising in December!

Which readathons do you plan to take part in this month?

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