On the Pod this week #46

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap post for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I finished ars Paradoxica and Zero Hours, and started The Magnus Archives. I’ll be starting Attention Hellmart Shoppers next!

New podcast

Image result for magnus archives podcastThe Magnus Archives

“Make your statement, face your fear.” A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Join Jonathan Sims as he explores the archive, but be be warned, as he looks into its depths something starts to look back… New episodes every Thursday produced by Rusty Quill, featuring guest actors, short stories, serial plots and more..

I am usually too chicken for horror, but this one has been on my to-listen list for so long, I finally decided to give it a try! Also, since I have caught up on The Penumbra Podcast and ars Paradoxica, I thought it is time to start another big backlog of a podcast, and in my list, this one had the most episodes left, so yeah…Was it wise to start this at 11pm in the night, while in bed in a darkened room? Probably not! But I found it compelling, and atmospheric and OMG I still have 157 episodes to gooooooo

MAG 1 – Angler Fish

“Case #0122204. Statement of Nathan Watts, regarding an encounter on Old Fishmarket Close, Edinburgh.…The Magnus Archives are now open…Join Head Archivist Jonathan Sims as he begins his work transcribing the archives of the Magnus Institute. An organisation dedicated to the investigation of the esoteric and weird.”

This is the first episode so I will first start with the show’s soundscape because WTF was that awesomeness? It went hard after my senses, giving me that feeling of dread and a chill down my spine. Also, the opening theme itself is enough to freak you out! They honestly know how to set the mood for a scary story, that’s for sure!

Now, back to the episode – the story kinda reminded me of the Woman in White legends, but with a twist. Honestly A+ storytelling, Jonathan!

MAG 2 – Do Not Open

“Case #9982211 Statement of Joshua Gellespie regarding his time in the possession of an apparently empty wooden casket.”

This story had me screaming at Joshua again and again – first, why would you accept an offer from a shady stranger, why would you even live for a single hour in a house with a coffin, why would you keep living alone in a entire building?! But I gotta give Josh here some credit – he doesn’t act on his curiosity, which means he is the winner of Survive the first 5 minutes of any Supernatural episode!

MAG 3 – Across the Street

“Case #0070107 Statement of Amy Patel, regarding the alleged disappearance of her acquaintance Graham Folger.”

This one creeped me out so much OMG. A shady acquaintance, a weird compulsion (I honestly thought it was hypergraphia or something) and a situation that makes you wonder if perhaps not knowing is the best in this case. Utterly chilling!

Current podcasts

ars Paradoxica

34: Path

“After leaving Point-of-Exile, Sally runs into friends old and new. Petra plans a party.”

While Sally and everyone else is getting on with their lives (Sally becomes a professor OMG), Petra is planning against ODAR using her various selves. This is why you never piss off your top spy!

35: Tangent

“It’s 1943. Sally Grissom has accidentally invented time travel. But things don’t transpire exactly as we remember.”

OMG Petra what did you do???? She changes the timeline by inserting one of her selves into it, so that the story is slightly shifted. I guess she was trying to alter future events and prevent the creation of the child spy project?

36: Release

“The final confrontation. An end, possibly a beginning.”

That was an interesting way to end it, and while I knew this was the only way things could be resolved well in the world, that was one heck of an ending!

Love & Luck

Episode 100 – Stronger Together

“Kane, Jason, Ricardo and Helen chronicle their experiences at the beach, and Julie prepares for Kane’s arrival.”

OMG the magic in this episode! It’s the four of them explaining what happened on the beach, but from their own perspectives, so we get to see how their magic feels, how they use it, how they feel while using it, how they see each other, how they see each other when connected. By far, I loved Ricardo’s description of how his magic senses things, but Helen’s reach, too, is quite impressive.

Zero Hours

Episode 5 – You’ll Know When

“Episode 5: 2118. A couple weighs the pros and cons of a “miracle drug” that could enhance their ability to love… at the risk of discovering that they may not be compatible after all. “

The only truly canon gay episode of this series. It has a sapphic couple deciding whether to take the next step, which is chemically altering your brain chemistry to be in love more intensely. Aside from their difference stances on modern medicine, we get to see a world with more enhancements but also with a lot less (animals are nearly extinct, meat is a thing only the previous generations have barely tasted once in their life)

Episode 6 – The Sky is Falling

“Episode 6: 2217. In a floating city above the clouds, a young researcher must convince a figure of authority to end his current research project, even though it may hold the solution to an imminent crisis.”

Quite chilling episode. Definitely saw where it was going, since this scientist guy basically took the Matrix system as a solution to an energy crisis. Also, calling the Ice Age a second Biblical flood is totally a thing that might happen.

Episode 7 – A Matter of Time

“Episode 7: 2316. In the wake of the death of the last human being and with the imminent destruction of the Earth upon them, two mysterious beings consider both the dying world and their unique relationship with one another – as well as the question of, “What comes next?”

THIS WAS AWESOME?! It tied in all the other episodes by calling out to it, but also just the concept of ‘gods’ walking among us, and living alongside their creation? And then going over what they could have done to make it better? I loved the whole execution of the idea!

Wooden Overcoats

Funn Fragments – The Smart Coffin

“The future is here.”

All I am saying is – only Antigone can defeat a Robot Uprising.


Episode 129 – Digging Deep

“The longer humans stay in one place, the more progress and community we seem to create. But at the same time, we bring our darkness with us, and over time it begins to stain a place with shadows of pain and tragedy. And the older the city, the darker the mark.”

All about London’s history and some of the various hauntings it has.

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Case 23 – Initiation

“Chen and Amad seek knowledge about the Iron Wars, but they need help getting into Brushland Central Library’s Restricted Section. With Shadow’s assistance, they all find out more than they bargained for.”

Searching for answers, the changelings and the witches get into the Restricted Section and find that maybe the biggest threat is closer to home.

Case 24 – Sexuality & Exercise

“The Grand Coven leadership meets with the Governor of Brushland. Meanwhile, Kalila finally attends a Grimmer community meeting and helps a client process an old conflict.”

As the situation starts eerily resembling a minority internment situation, the Grand Coven is trying to go hard against witches who don’t conform. Meanwhile, Kalila has a client who had some unresolved issues from an abortion, which hits close to home for her and speaks to the current situation regarding reproductive rights.

“Are you a listener to any of these podcasts? Just wanna scream about the episodes? Tell me in the comments!
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