Readathoning in November

This November, too, I am going hard with readathons because we are all staring down the end of the year and so gotta catch up on the goals we haven’t achieved yet. I still have some reading challenges that I am way behind on, and will try to catch up as much as possible this upcoming month so December won’t be so stressful. Also, I have two time-intensive readathons  and two light readathons this month, so I am just going to be satisfied with that.

Triwizard Tournament (Oct 31 – Dec 22)

As obvious from the name, its a Harry Potter-themed readathon that begins on Halloween, and will proceed with three tasks, in prompt-based challenge. Making a TBR is difficult because the challenges will be assigned later on, so keeping a book ready is going to be tough, but I will try anyway!

I am participating from Hogwarts!

#NaNoReadMo19 (month-long)

This is the third year I’ll be doing this challenge. Inspired by NaNoWriMo, the NaNoReadMo is a goal-focused challenge invented by me and my friends. You set a page goal for the month, which you can decide on your own. I am aiming for 10k pages, like last year, and will be updating on the tag #NaNoReadMo19

Remember November (month-long)


Remember all those challenges you started throughout the year?
Those lists of books you were going to read, prompts you were going to tick off, goals you were going to reach?

That’s why I’m dedicating this month – Remember November – to remembering and catching up on all those challenges, goals and reading lists! Time to take matters into our own hands again!

The challenges that I left unfinished this year:

  • Late-a-thon: 9 older galleys to be read.
  • Monstrous March: 5 horror/thriller/suspense books to be read.
  • Read-a-thin: 3 owned books to be read.
  • Sci-Fi Summer Readathon: 1 scifi book to be read
  • Banned Book-a-thon: 1 banned book to be read
  • 5 star love readathon: 2 books from authors I recently gave 5 stars to

Obviously I can’t do all of them in a month, so I will do one book from each challenge, respectively


Let's Call It a Doomsday The Waking Forest A Thousand Nights Want (Want #1) The Lost Girl Neverwhere (London Below, #1)

Boneathon (Oct-Dec)

Readathon for The Bone Season series (first three books only, of course!) hosted  by Ashleigh on Twitter and Instagram. I reread book 1, The Bone Season, during October so now its time for The Mime Order in November!

Which readathons do you plan to take part in this month?

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