On the Pod this week #43

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap posts for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I’m once again in catch-up mode… *sobs*

Current podcasts

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 155 – The Heist, Part 3

“More arrests are made in the bank robbery investigation.”

As Cecil spins out his own theories about who may have broken into the bank vault, a new suspect emerges. I loved Cecil being flat out petty about casting suspicion on Susan Wilman just because she was snarky at a PTA meeting and Station Management having to slide a note under his door (it has been quite a while since they did that lol). And the ending? *chef’s kiss*

Episode 156 – The Trouble with Time

“Everyone in town is scared of aging now that time works normally. But one newcomer claims to have the answer.”

Time for capitalism to rear its ugly greedy head as people panic over growing old. From creepy lotion commercials (“lotion those limbs” *shudder*) to freezing brains, everything goes in Night Vale!

King Falls AM

Episode 95 – I’ll Fly Away

“Sammy & Ben finally talk to a coworker who has been lying low and trouble rears it’s head across town.”

Loads of heartfelt conversations is all I am going to say about this episode.

Episode 96 – Dark Horse

“Troy lays down the law regarding what he can & can’t do regarding The Science Institute & the boys have an interview go off the rails.”

For the umpteenth time, do Sammy and Ben realize they are on a public radio show? They are discussing strategy, uncovering identities of secret vigilantes – on a show which, granted, airs in the wee hours of the night, yet they do have an audience, okay?! Perhaps the only saving grace is that they refer to their secret places in code (bet that was Emily’s idea as she got tired of these two putting everything on air). I loved Sammy being petty with The Dark again! Did not love Ben being shitty to Troy; he’s doing as much as he can in a corrupt system, Ben, so STFU! Immature brat!


Episode 124: To Die For

“Everyone wants to look good. And while there’s nothing wrong with beauty, sometimes people have made sacrifices—both willing and unaware—in the pursuit of it. After looking through the pages of history, though, that hasn’t always been a good thing.”

Beauty is pain, they say. But sometimes also deadly. He discusses beauty treatments that involved use of toxic substances like lead and arsenic, with the famous example of pharaohs, snake oil merchants, and Queen Elizabeth. Also about ballet dancers hesitating over using flame resistant fabrics because they ‘didn’t look good’.

Episode 125: Paper Trails

“Everyone longs for someone. That special partner who can enter their life and make is something better, something more. And while dating has taken many forms over the years, nothing is like a good, old fashioned personal ad—or the people who took advantage of them.”

HOLY SHIT this was some scary grifter serial killer stuff! Some dude name Johann ripped off and ripped out the hearts of so many women by becoming their husband and then running off with their money or killing them. Lonely hearts killer indeed! I loved the references of the Bluebeard tale to it; I never thought of the story in that light.

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