On the Pod this week #42

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap posts for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I’ve thought of leaving season 2 of A Scottish Podcast for now – I will wait until the end of the season, when transcripts are released. Thinking of starting Exeter this coming week…

Current podcasts

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 153 – The Heist, Part 1

“There’s a bank robbery at the Last Bank of Night Vale.”

An unusual (even for Night Vale standards) bank robbery happens in Night Vale where the robbers don’t seem that invested in actually robbing, and the Sheriff’s police service scratches their head as to how to ransom the hostages. And then when they force their way in, the vault has been mysteriously emptied (which actually is on par with Night Vale’s standards of weirdness lol). It was interesting, but what I loved most is Carlos designing a ‘doorless fridge’ just so his butter for baking comes at the perfect temperature.

Episode 154 – The Heist, Part 2

“A new twist in the bank robbery case.”

With the clues left behind, I don’t really blame the Sheriff’s police for going for the obvious suspect, but Steve Carlsberg? Really? HOW? 😀

King Falls AM

Episode 93 – Head Hunters

“The station suffers playback issues during Chet Sebastian’s Jazz Corner and our favorite Hepcat has to call an audible live on the air.”

This was definitely an episode that made me scream (in a bad way), and it was not because Chet was the main ‘voice’ of this episode. During Chet’s show, which is doing listener calls instead of regular music (station equipment malfunction), we listen to Ben and Sammy calling in to talk. Also, yeah Chet acknowledges that an ‘old dog can learn new tricks’. But the later part was the one set your nerves singing, as Timbot goes on to attack our favorite hosts.

Episode 94 – Misdirection

“The team deals with the fallout of the Science Institute’s actions the past few weeks from an undisclosed location.”

With how the Science Institute went on the offensive in the previous episode, King Falls and especially Ben and Sammy are taking some precautions, namely a curfew and broadcasting in hiding respectively. Other people are getting antsy, though, by which I mean Archie who is cribbing about having to stay in (What do you even do for fun in King Falls on an early Monday morning anyway?) and starts attacking Ben and Sammy for taking help (accepting protection) from the Sheriff (which is not cool, Archie – they nearly DIED!)


Episode 121: Uninvited Guest

“Some threats to our safety and well-being are obvious and easy to spot from a mile away. Over the course of history, people have become very skilled at looking for danger and avoiding it. But some threats are more difficult to spot—and once they strike, the results can be deadly.”

This was a very scary episode because it was all about parasites and parasitical diseases. Gross, and probably gave me nightmare material.

Episode 122: The Shortest Straw

“Human nature has a number of powerful, universal characteristics. Our need for community. Our love of storytelling. Our seemingly infinite capacity to adapt and thrive. But some of the most terrifying events in history find their root in one other: our will to survive.”

Cannibalism was the theme of the episode, and was particularly about sailors indulging in the ‘custom of the sea’ when survival is at stake. It wasn’t gory, exactly, but instead he spoke about how the attitudes of the custom were prevalent at that time and how it changed, by the case of Richard Parker.

Episode 123: Unnoticed

“Home might very well be what you make it, but it’s not always about beautiful decorations and comfortable furnishings. Sometimes the places we live take on elements of our own personality. Even after we’ve moved on, those pieces remain behind, like echoes of another time—echoes that can still be felt today.”

Haunted hotel. yawn.

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