Stacking The Shelves #73

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly haul meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews & Reading Reality. It is about sharing enthusiasm for the new books added to our shelves – be it physical, ebooks, galleys or borrowed from the library.

Didn’t have much of a haul last week so I added them to this week’s post instead!


AshlordsAshlords by Scott Reintgen

Who thought Horsemen of the Apocalypse with the cover? *raises hand*

“Red Rising meets The Scorpio Races in this epic fantasy following three phoenix horse riders–skilled at alchemy–who must compete at The Races–the modern spectacle that has replaced warfare within their empire.”

The RiftThe Rift by Rachel Craw

As corporate greed is pitted against supernatural forces, two young friends must try to protect the precious Old Herd — and their island itself.we see this in real life, but at least novels have better endings…

Lady HotspurLady Hotspur by Tessa Gratton

Okay I’ll admit half of the reason I even checked this out is because I couldn’t stop giggling at ‘Hotspur’ (please never let me know how it is pronounced) Inspired by Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Lady Hotspur continues the saga of Innis Lear, centuries later, as revolution, love, and a betrayal corrupt the descendants of two warring kingdoms.


Trinity of Bones (The Necromancer's Song #2)


A Castle in the CloudsCastle in the Clouds by Kerstin Gier

I was quite delighted to see a new (for us English-speaking folks, anyway) novel from Kerstin Gier! It follows a girl as she navigates secrets, romance, and danger in an aging grand hotel”

Life Is Short and Then You Die: First Encounters with Murder from Mystery Writers of AmericaLife is Short, and Then You Die (edited) by Kelly Armstrong

This anthology has a very interesting premise – This short story collection of murder mysteries adds a sinister spin to the joy and pain of firsts that have always been a major part of life, whether it be high school cliques who take the term “backstabbing” too seriously, stumbling upon a body on the way home from school, or receiving a Snapchat message that promises something deadly.

Devil's BallastDevil’s Ballast by Meg Caddy

A historical retelling about Anne Bonny.



The First 7 (The Last 8, #2) Ruthless Gods (Something Dark and Holy, #2) The Silvered Serpents

Shelved on Goodreads

Hot Dog GirlHot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan

debut coming-of-age queer romance stars a princess, a pirate, a hot dog, and a carousel operator who find love–and themselves–in unexpected people and unforgettable places.

11 new books shelved this fortnight!

What new books have you added to your shelves? Any of these you excited for?

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