On the Pod this week #41

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap posts for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I’ve thought of leaving season 2 of A Scottish Podcast for now – I will wait until the end of the season, when transcripts are released. Thinking of starting Exeter this coming week…

Current podcasts

ars Paradoxica

Episode 28 – Adversary

“On the brink of disaster, our heroes are stretched to their limits.”

We finally get Anthony’s side of the story (man, was I delighted to hear his voice again) as he explains why he shut down the blackroom. Sally, meanwhile, has been despairing over losing her friends and the fractured relationships with existing ones (I felt that, Sally, I felt that), as even Chet resigns to get out of ODAR.

Episode 29 – Odyssey

“Sally pines for a friend. Esther struggles to catch up without her usual resources. Chet’s on his way out. One last secret play before the new Director comes to town.”

Sally’s despair continues as she relistens to old tapes of hers and Nikhil, and hesitates over her friendship with Chet, and has a talk with Esther about what all they went through. Meanwhile, Esther is planning with Petra to get Nikhil back (which was quite interesting in its execution) and Sally’s reaction to meeting Nikhil in the now was heart-warming.

Episode 30 – Volunteer

“Sally meets with someone outside her circle and makes a desperate bargain with the mysterious new ODAR Director.”

With ODAR getting a new director, the question remains about the Blackroom and how to run ODAR without it. Sally provides them with a solution, if only to save another hapless agent (who is also the niece of her acquaintance) from being trapped in it, but her plans have mixed results. For what its worth, I think Carrie made her choice for herself, something that gave her peace, and I liked that her decision came from a personal reason, not blind loyalty as Sally had initially thought. 

King Falls AM

Episode 92 – Words: Greater Than Pen, Greater Than Sword

“The team splits up, with Ben searching for a very specific book while Sammy & a guest host navigate the airwaves. “

While Ben is away with Emily to Salem, Lily joins Sammy on his show and the sibling fights between these two are, as always, awesome! What I especially liked about the episode is that FINALLY someone called out Sammy on his nonsense (it took like a month, though), like Ron telling him to be more smart about the morning radio thing, and Lily telling him how his reaction towards Maggie’s application was wrong.

EOS 10

404 – New Perspectives

“With the help of some old friends, Levi procures a mysterious gift for the Interface and life on the station might never be the same again—for anyone. “

Levi gets some alien tech to give The Interface a body, albeit a holographic one, not a physical one, but it triggers some problems in the running of the station. The squad knows keeping her like that would be harmful for the station, yet they hesitate to essentially ‘erase’ her (and I had some FEELS about that).

405 – So Who’s Evil Now?

“Ryan wakes up with a big surprise trapped in his head, and there’s only one person on EOS10 he can turn to for help: Dr. Ecobar.”

Okay, that came out of left field, and I am still stunned with that reveal! While the Interface sharing brain space with Ryan was a delight (she resided in his implant), she also discovers something amiss with him. Ecobar’s scheme seems to be progressing, but then there was that bombshell at the end!

406 – Slow Clap

“As the crew prepares for a memorial service, the treachery of one of their own is exposed.”

With the others aware of Ryan’s ‘issue’ they go forth with a memorial service, and Ryan capitalizes on the general distraction to, well, do some unexpected shit. Surprisingly, though, this episode was low on the angst I would expect from a betrayal; guess it truly is a comedy.

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