On the Pod this week #40

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap posts for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I’ve started catching up on Season 4 of EOS 10, and listening to a couple of trailers of new  shows, too…

Current podcasts

The Penumbra Podcast

Episode 2.39 – Second Citadel: The Battle at World’s End (Part 4)

“So to the West, the lifeless West,
The troubadour did trot;
Through boughs of burning red and gold
‘Twas solitude she sought.”

As Tal, Quanyii and Rilla got separated from Caroline and Angelo, they find the pigs again, and with Damien’s help they try to defeat the two again. In flashbacks, we get the parts about how Arum escaped from Fort Terminus, as well as Damien looking back on when he starts to worship Saint Damien, and through that he starts to understand himself better (about time!).

Episode 2.40 – Second Citadel: The Battle at World’s End (Part 5)

“The Cliffside yawned behind them, yet
No mercy did they lend.
For even where no life would dare,
they battled at World’s End.”

As Caroline and Angelo work towards getting to the others, they have to work together again which is difficult for Caroline as she is easily irritated by Angelo, but they get through it and come to an understanding. Caroline herself starts to be a little more open-minded about the monsters. On the other side, Tal, Quanyii and Rilla are seeing the monster bug and how to destroy it, but with Mira mind-melding with it, it is tough, as she gets increasingly panicked in what is like a dream to her. 

Episode 2.41 – Second Citadel: The Battle at World’s End (Part 6) (latest)

“And so they fell straight down to Hell,
And battled ‘til the end.”

My beautiful ships sailed in this episode and I can’t tell you how much I was screaming! Arum, Rilla and Damien have a talk, and agree to give it a try. Meanwhile, I was shocked and screaming about Caroline and Quanyii (I mean, I thought they were exes but this is awesome!)

ars Paradoxica

Episode 25 – Absence

“The aftermath of the Roberts trial spurs ODAR’s inner circle to action. A hidden threat must be exposed, before all is lost.”

Sally, Brigitte, Lou and Petra are trying to find evidence that would exonerate Esther, but with Chet giving them a deadline, things are looking bleaker. Meanwhile, they also find out some info related to the Moscow mission that indicates someone was snooping around Blackroom files. And since Sally isn’t able to contact Anthony, they don’t even have a clear idea of what happened!

Episode 26 – Grip

“Tensions mount as the crew turns in on itself. Sally and Petra fly east to examine something broken. Petra finds a new confidant.”

Petra is angry with the others for suggesting Carmen could be working for the other side, and she is especially angry with Sally, who was her hero. She starts talking to Ida, her new friend, and with the timeline shifting back and forth during the episode I wasn’t clear on how long their acquaintance was. Later, Petra and Sally have a tense discussion about Sally’s actions on their way to the tower where Sally had planted her backdoor into the Blackroom.

Episode 27 – Breach

“Trapped in an ODAR lockdown with boiling tempers and a deadly enemy, Sally and crew struggle to find a way out. Meanwhile, Chet finds some downtime.”

With the timelines of the previous two episodes joining at the end of the last one, we find the characters caught up in the lockdown that Hank triggers. Sally pops out through the vents but only gets to Chet, who is similarly trapped in the mess hall. They both have a nice chat; she gets to know him a bit better, and they can finally discuss things in a more casual way.

CW: “Dinner’s served.” SG: I’m not letting this go Whickman. I may not have eaten for… several hours, but you’re not gonna distract me with dinner! CW: Salt and pepper? SG: Please, thank you

A Scottish Podcast

Season 2, Episode 1 – Raising the Dead

“It’s a new season, and a new investigation for The Terror Files. Lee learns the story of a former Miskatonic University professor – and her links to an abandoned hospital on the North coast of Scotland.”

Lee gets info about this place that used to be hospital and the weird things that went on in it and decides to feature it next. The details from the place are vague and cannot be confirmed, but when has that ever stopped him?

Season 2, Episode 2 – Mysterious Mansion

“More details emerge about the old house on the North coast. It was said to have been used as a military “hospital” in the 1940s by a former Miskatonic University professor. Meanwhile, Randy prepares for his first game of the season.”

Through a janitor who worked there, Lee gathers more details about the place.

Season 2, Episode 3 – A Novel Idea

“As the trio set off Northwards on their latest investigation, the conversation turns to Doug’s latest creative endeavours.”

While Doug, Gail and Lee are on a road trip to the site of the hospital, Doug talks about his writing club and then when they are surprised to learn he already has the first draft ready, he starts reading out his story. At first, I was like, okay, lots of genres mixed in there, but as it went on, I, too, was interested in the novel Doug has written!

EOS 10

402 – Private Practice

“Dr. Ecobar opens a new clinic on EOS10 and threatens to steal away the infirmary’s best patients—and doctors. Meanwhile, Ryan investigates the mysterious reappearance of a ship from his past.”

Ryan is trying to get into the Silent Storm left in the cargo hold, and during this time, Jane and Dr Urvidian are looking into Dr Ecobar’s new private clinic which Levi has been ‘cheating’ on them with lol. Then when they find out she is trying to poach away the station’s doctors, they try to dissuade her from Ryan by recounting all his past deeds (including the peen explosion OMFG)!

403 – Morpheus

“Ryan finds the key he’s been looking for, but it unlocks more than just a door.”

This episode was a mind-bending one, with Ryan finally getting into the ship and then stumbling upon something really really big related to the alternate timeline thingy. And I loved to see Morpheus as a human (I also loved the voice for him)! All the complaints he had as to his treatment as a cat OMG!

Love & Luck

Ep 96 – …Right?

“Helen begins to wonder about her experiences, and if perhaps the boys are right about magic being involved. Julie receives some shattering news.”

Victor want to be a nurse, after receiving Kane’s advice in the last episode. And Helen is starting to connect the dots after looking back on her recent past. When Julie’s tape started I was kinda holding my breath, because I was worried it was a death.

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