Top Ten Tuesday: Book Characters I’d Love to Be Besties With

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl, wherein each week bloggers list out their Top Ten.

This week’s theme “Book Characters I’d Love to Be Besties With” (suggested by by Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Blog) was something I was kind of intimidated by, because my short answer would be ALL the protagonists I’ve read through and loved. I mean, reading itself puts you in a place where you are close to a character, you like them, you admire them, you want to sometimes be like them, so obviously if it was possible in some universe, you would want to be their friend. For the purposes of this list, though, I have to narrow it down. So, anyway, here are some amazing characters I wish were my best friends

Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)Zuzana | Daughter of Smoke & Bone

The very first name to come to my mind when I saw this topic was Zuzana Nováková, because if anyone does ride-or-die friendship well it is Zuzana. She’s the girl you call when you are in the jaws of death, because despite her petite frame, she will go and pull you out of it. Fierce, eccentric and incredibly loyal, I would not hesitate to place my life in her very capable hands so she is my first choice for this list. (Yes, for once, I am playing favorites with the candidates on my lists)

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)Richard Gansey III | The Raven Cycle

Before you groan that I always find a way to include The Raven Cycle in my lists, let me present you the sweetest ‘politician’ boy to ever come about. Eternally tortured about his privilege, yet always putting his friends first. Plus, he will always find a way to keep the conversation going (my introvert ass needs a person like him) and engage my interests in niche topics.

UprootedAgnieszka | Uprooted

Look, Agnieszka will never abandon you when she gets a new love; in fact, she holds her friendship at a higher level than romantic love and that’s the kind of friend you want in life! Also, she is fierce, and unafraid of challenges, and I just adore her a lot!

A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic, #2)Alucard Emery | Shades of Magic

Secretive and nosy, Alucard seems like a difficult friend to make, but I love his personality and would trust him with my life. Also, he is very much the nurturing type!

Siege and Storm (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, #2)Alina Starkov | Shadow & Bone

Alina is an amazing character who is often prone to loneliness, and I want to be her best friend if only to get her away from her sometimes terrible decisions like Mal, or trusting the Darkling. She’s someone you know will be fine but want to protect nevertheless.

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)Jem Carstairs | The Infernal Devices

I’m going to keep this simple – I adore him so much. He is endlessly kind, but fierce and protective when someone he loves is harmed. He can also be clever and understanding, and is the softest boi. I would also love to play the violin along with him.

Sorcery of ThornsElisabeth Scrivener | Sorcery of Thorns

Tall girls unite! I loved her from the very first page of the book, and the fact that she loves books?! Instant friendship material! Can you imagine the endless talks we could have, spinning from one topic to another?

xxxHolic, Vol. 19 (xxxHOLiC, #19)Watanuki Kimihiro | xxxHoLic

Oh god, I love Watanuki so much as a person. He’s had a difficult life, but he is so determined and has a take-charge personality. He’s grumpy, but also affectionate, and fiercely loves his friends. Of course I want him to be my best friend.

Shadow of the Fox (Shadow of the Fox, #1)Yumeko | Shadow of the Fox

Yumeko is the kind of person who makes friends easily, and also a warm personality, so it would be so quick to be her friend. She is also great to have around, with her mischievous nature, and is also loyal and caring.

Ace of Shades (The Shadow Game, #1)Levi Glaisyer | Ace of Shades

He’s the type who thinks he comes across as cool, but is actually a sweet marshmallow. He’s also the type to make a lot of impulsive decisions, so I think I may be able to rein him back a little?

Which fictional characters do you want to befriend?

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Book Characters I’d Love to Be Besties With

    • That’s tough because I love most of these! The Raven Cycle and Shades of Magic are always my top recommendations, but since Uprooted is a standalone why don’t you start with that?

  1. OMG so much yes to so many of the characters on your list! Especially Elisabeth (on my list too!), Levi, Alucard and Zuzana! 😍Honestly though, I would totes love to be friends with all the awesome protagonists I’ve encountered in books!

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