On the Pod this week #39

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap posts for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

Aaah a week for new episode updates (Night Vale is back, bitches!), and I decided to do a couple of ars Paradoxica episodes per week (instead of attempting the whole season as once), like I do for The Penumbra Podcast.

Current podcasts

Love & Luck

Ep 94 – Break Free

“Jason, Maggie, and Julie all grapple in their own ways with what it means to have grown up with family trauma.”

Aaaaah Maggie deciding on the kind of parenting she wants for her kid, and how to prevent her parents’ hateful influences falling on her won kid was such a good discussion for this episode to have. Allies, take note! And then there was Julie talking about how parental abuse affects us in the simplest of ways.

Ep 95 – Do What You Can (latest)

“How do you make the world better?”

Kane gives some very nice advice about how to help out without making it a burden. He definitely has earned his Papa Bear image. P.S. Mira is honestly the best girlfriend!!!

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 151 – The Waterfall (latest)

“Josh Crayton finds that he has lost a very important ability.”

Season premiere whoo! This one was Cecil narrating as Josh Crayton (Diane Crayton’s son who is a shapeshifter) who is telling about how he woke up as a waterfall and couldn’t change back, has a whole existential crisis over the course of the episode, resigning himself to life in an oasis. I don’t get how a waterfall was walking around town, and being in his room, but well, by now we just suspend logic when it comes to NV, soooo

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Case 22 – Body Image & Possession Training (latest)

“A practitioner preparing for her first possession looks for a way to ease her anxiety about embodying a god.”

While this one wasn’t much about the current political state, it did delve into one coven practice – possession by gods. Seeing as all (or most?) witches have a patron god and knowing Kalila’s fraught relationship with hers, I was interested in learning that the witches do god possessions as a regular practice, which can give people new to the experience some nerves, expectedly.

King Falls AM

Episode 91 – If You’re Hungry and You Know It (latest)

“Sammy & Ben search for information on Emily’s troublesome book until a superhero calls from the local SuperCenter. “

Ooh this was a nice one with respect to plot. Lots of things come up – Jacob Williams snagging up Pete on suspicion that the latter was building a bomb, and Mr X delivering one truly worrying piece of information. It was a delight to hear from Mary in this episode! And Sammy and Ben being uncomfortable with two whole conversations with Jacob had me giggling throughout.


Episode 120 – Whistle While You Work

“Human ambition has led us to some amazing achievements, and taken us to unexplored places. But it has also lured us into places where there is a lot more fear and danger than we are used to, and the stories that have grown out of that world have left the world a richer—and more frightening—place.”

Okay, mine spirits – this is the first I’ve even heard of it so obviously I was interested in it. There were legends about guardian spirits, and spirits who protected the miners. Hearing it was quite enlightening, especially when also told about how we got the word ‘cobalt’ and legends of knockers.

ars Paradoxica

Episode 23 – Contact

“A high-profile mission goes awry when ODAR is struck blind and their enemies begin to anticipate their every move.”

Sally starts us off with a recap of sorts, telling us what is going on, and there’s a discussion between her and Esther about Esther’s future actions (the mouse experiments and the kids). Esther maintains that while she knows her decisions wer not ethically correct, she knows she would do it with the greater good in mind; Sally doesn’t agree with her, naturally. With the Darkroom going silent just as Stalin’s assassination is being carried out and a Timepiece being left behind at the scene, already people at ODAR are running around like headless chickens, and when an incriminating letter points to Esther, Chet and Cornish turn on her.

Episode 24 – Dilemma

“The trial of Esther Roberts.”

I won’t deny – I had a big urge to punch Hank Cornish throughout this episode because What. A. Dick! Esther is being made into a sort of scapegoat and excuse for the dissolution of ODAR and many prior events from season 1 and season 2 are coming to bite her in the ass. Loads of racism and bigotry against her, too.

The Penumbra Podcast

Episode 2.36 – Second Citadel: The Battle at World’s End (Part 1)

“Two giants bearing broken swords.
Stood by a river’s bend.
Whose water fell straight down to Hell:
They battled at World’s End.”

With them finding Lord Arum at the end of the last installment, we get to know that they now have to get to the monsters’ big weapon to get rid of the Second Citadel, and the nature of it has been revealed. Meanwhile, Queen Mira is writing frantic letters to Sir Caroline about seeing shadows, and already that is worrisome enough. Caroline is suspicious of Rilla again, which is even more worrisome for the latter.

Episode 2.37 – Second Citadel: The Battle at World’s End (Part 2)

“When, “Clash!” the iron thundered, lo,
“Have at thee!” the reply;
and ‘neath the leaves, the forest’s eaves,
she heard their battle-cry.”

Lord Arum escapes the prison but lands in the hand of Sir Mark, who is cheerful about having a monster to deliver for his knightship. Meanwhile, the weapon is already acting out. Arum being all like ‘who said I like Amaryllis? I never said I like Amaryllis!’ when Mark asks had defensive Leslie Knope energy Image result for parks and rec gif you're sleeping with him And then Mark having to prove he knows Rilla (I love how Rilla is the thing that binds all of these characters together!) 

Episode 2.38 – Second Citadel: The Battle at World’s End (Part 3)

“Old Silver-Eyes stopped dead and spoke:
“But this cannot be true;
For I know nothing of my past
Save this, our endless duel.””

Rilla and Caroline get into another row while the squad tries to figure out how to defeat the monster and get out of Fort Terminus; Caroline is still stuck to her beliefs while Rilla advocates for understanding and an open mind.

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