On the Pod this week #38

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap posts for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

Once again, not much podcast listening over the last week – just enough to catch up on some episodes. The third season of ars Paradoxica is still staring at me from my podcast queue *sobs* but I am kinda in the middle of two audiobooks since over a month so I’m stuck thinking which one to finish first?!

Current podcasts

The Penumbra Podcast

Episode 2.34 – Juno Steel and the Soul of the People (Part 1)

“Welcome home, Juno Steel.”

LBR my heart skipped a beat when the episode started because Juno with a Theia soul in him had me scared as to what would have had to happen for him to get that into him. Then as the episode went on, I was like – hell yeah that was such a crazy but great idea!

Episode 2.35 – Juno Steel and the Soul of the People (Part 2)


Okay, look was it great having Juno having a Theia Soul in him? No! But was I glad to have some Juno-Rita flashbacks again? Hell yeah! They are honestly such a pair! Plus the ending for this Juno story arc was perf! (Good god I was screaming when HE showed up!)

Love & Luck

Ep 92 – Tell Them

“Ricardo is struggling with CJ not knowing about magic.”

Okay so usually when a powered/magical person is dating someone, there’s always a question of when to let them know, and that is what Ricardo is fretting about. Then Kane also reminisces about how in the early stages of his and Jason’s relationship, he had a similar dilemma.

Ep 93 – Baby Shower

“Jason’s back in Wangaratta for Maggie’s baby shower, which does not go as planned. Unfortunately, Julie’s also had to deal with problematic families.”

Ugh, Jason’s asshole parents are back in the story, as they stir up some shit over him attending Maggie’s baby shower with a huge helping of homophobia thrown in. I loved that Maggie and her husband both stood up and gave Jason’s parents hell for being shitty about their son. Somewhat mirroring that is Julie dealing with the death of her friend as well as their asshole parents not even coming to pay their respects because they disowned their gay kid.

King Falls AM

Episode 90 – If You’re Hungry and You Know It (latest)

“The boys deal with fallout from Emily’s “situation” two weeks ago and continue to get applicants for the morning show spot.”

Yeah, I know it was mostly a throwaway line, and Sammy not wanting to have her in the radio station because she may be violent is okay, but he saying that with her and Chet sharing station space might  it result in the station being slapped with a lawsuit (and being burned down) had me going WTF.

Ben was absolutely right in saying that it is sexist and you know why? Because not giving a woman a position because Chet might sexually harass her IS FUCKING SEXIST! I can’t believe (no I totally can) the writers came up with this nonsense in the #MeToo era. There were plenty of other reasons to not hire her without bringing in Chet being a sleazebag into it.


Episode 117 – Bones

“Everything is built upon something else. Whether it is a mighty fortress, a simple home, or the very lives of the people around us, there’s a foundation beneath everything. But don’t let that strong, smooth layer fool you. There’s darkness down there, if you know where to look.”

I was quite excited when this episode indicated it was to be about Japanese castles and their secrets. From Matsumoto castle, to Hachioji castle to Himeji castle, many of the darker aspects of their construction as well as the deaths that occurred there and their subsequent influence on literature (The Ring) were explored. I, however, would have enjoyed this episode even more if I didn’t grind my teeth every time Aaron Mahnke mispronounced a Japanese name. For the record, it is Ha-chee-oji not Ha-key-oji *eyeroll* Like, just google this shit and don’t mangle it?!

Episode 118 – Ambition

“Some people have a fire inside them that drives them to do great things. New discoveries, breakthrough inventions, or astonishing accomplishments. But some have harnessed that passion for something darker, and they’re actions have left a painful mark on history.”

The Affair of the Poisons and Catherine Monvoisin, especially, were the focus of this episode. Court intrigue and plots are my favorite, so I was settling in for some of that, and while it did have some of that, it was also about how the people would do anything to get ahead, including murder.

Episode 119 – Evolution

“Some stories have been around for a very long time, and others are fairly new. One thing is certain, though: the tales we tell have a way of changing over time. But that doesn’t make them any less powerful—or any less frightening.”

Shady research institutes and local legends ahoy! Individually, I am always interested but the confluence of that plus the shared witness accounts are always quite interesting to listen to.

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Case 20 – Projection

“Amidst growing tensions between the Fae and the Coven, High Priestess Gabrielle Ravenwood presents Kalila with a choice.”

Ugh, the High Priestess pays a condescending visit to Kalila because she thinks she might inspire other young witches to do something similar. Like, during all the fae-witch thing going on, THAT is what she is worried about?

Case 21 – Dating & Discipline

“Kalila and Desiree go on a date, but it takes them both to unexpected places.”

Okay, this episode was way fun, and not just because it involved the fae and the Wild Hunt. We got the Shadow taking a big narrative step and the motive for doing so hints at more trouble for Kalila. Like, so far, I was warming a bit to her, but now I am like OH NO what are you doing?!

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