On the Pod this week #37

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap posts for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I know it has roughly been a month, but I haven’t listened to much in podcasts. Mostly it was because I have been back into audiobooks, catching up on The Hollows series with all my free listening time. In fact, even at this moment, I am in the middle of reading three audiobooks, so I didn’t exactly get time to catch up on podcasts or even start a new one.

Current podcasts

King Falls AM

Episode 89 – Late Fees (latest)

“Sammy & Ben continue to deal with the blue-eyed terror traumatizing the town and Emily picks up an additional shift at the library. “

What was that episode??? At first I thought it was just, you know, regular chatting, some light teasing of The Dark from Sammy – but then the episode took a turn with Emily going to the library in the middle of the night to check on a book for her research and all hell breaks loose.


Episode 116 – The Gateway

“No one likes to be sick, and yet it is one of the most dependable things in life. We will all, at some point, become ill, and when we do, the most important thing in our world will be recovery and wellness. Many simply wait for nature to take its course, but history is full of takes of those who have taken it a bit too far.”

Well, that was one deadly ‘spa’. Also, with a name like Dr Hazard, how does one even have patients??? But overall, it is scary to imagine putting all your trust in a person who claims to be able to heal you and then being scammed like that

Love & Luck

Ep 89 – Beach Anniversary

“It’s Jason and Kane’s anniversary and they celebrate by the beach… where Kane has a strange experience.”

This was full of ‘aww’ as Jason and Kane celebrate their 3rd anniversary with a beach visit and, of course, love-filled voicemails. Also, what exactly happened at the beach? Was it a Kimi no na wa situation?

Ep 90 – Magic Access

“Something has changed for Ricardo.”

I always felt Ricardo could one day do magic too OMG! I’m still quite interested in why Kane didn’t know about his mother’s powers, too!

The Penumbra Podcast

Episode 2.21 – Juno Steel and the Man of the Future (Part 1)

“Ramses O’Flaherty has been a busy man in recent days. A brand new way of life doesn’t build itself, after all — and before you can ever build it, you’ll have to tear down the old life getting in everyone’s way. As Juno and Rita come up from the sewers they can see, immediately, that Ramses has succeeded in the latter goal. Oldtown is gone. It’s never coming back. And in its place stands Newtown, a shining city on a hill, a paradise of Ramses’s own design. The only questions, then, are these: what is paradise? And what must one do before they allow one through its gates?”

Juno has it out with Ramses, who has closed up Old/New Town, and is determined to find a flaw in the world Ramses has created. Meeting Mick and seeing the effect of a Theia soul on him has Juno first aghast, then confused.

Episode 2.22 – Juno Steel and the Man of the Future (Part 2)

“Give up control. That’s what the thing that looks like Mick says to do. And in a year like the one Juno Steel has had, with the past, present, and city of the future all out to get him… why not? In a world where control can be torn from you so easily, so constantly… why not just give in, let that thing plug you in to its monstrous chip, and give everything you have away to it? So why not, Juno? Why not give up control to the Theia Soul?”

I recently watched the Psycho Pass series so this was an interesting episode to hear, because the arguments for the Theia soul sound so good, but then Mick also admits it limits his free will, then it also takes over so I am like – yeah, that Theia doesn’t sound like a great idea after all. Plus, Juno’s arguments against it really are good. Then when he gets back to Ramses, there’s another thing awaiting him. While he gets some sort of closure over the whole why-is-Ramses-doing-this, there’s the fact that the problem of New Town still remains.

Episode 2.24 – Second Citadel – The Hallowed Halls of Helicoid (Part 1)

“Two paths wind beneath Judge Helicoid’s monstrous courtroom: two paths containing different players in this game, different tricks and traps and treacheries. All they share is this: A destination. Fort Terminus, the prison at the end of the world.”

Quanyii , Caroline and Rilla bicker on the way to Arum, while Damien, Angelo and Tal are fighting Helicoid. And, OMG Rilla is a good singer! Wonder why she is so adamant about denying it? Quanyii was hilarious, and her being Caroline’s ex there was a lot of irritation on the latter’s part. Most importantly, though – can I stop myself from shipping Rilla with nearly every major character????

Episode 2.20 – Second Citadel – The Hallowed Halls of Helicoid (Part 2)

“The creatures which thrive at the end of the world are enough to make even the bravest knight’s skin crawl. Massive slugs of sentient slime and nightmare-guards to a fortress beneath a sea where nothing survives walk the halls that lead to Fort Terminus, and passing them will be no small feat. Yet our heroes trudge on. On separate paths they draw closer and closer to the heart of this palace of horrors now, and if one thing scares them most, it’s this: whatever lies within that terrible place terrifies the beasts outside it, too.”

I fcuking love Tal because he is the best knight! And he also uncovers Helicoid’s secret!

But most importantly, Rilla, Arum and Damien meeting each other!

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