On the Pod this week #33

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap posts for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I caught up on Love and Luck (at last), and started two new shows – Minefire and Voices of the Abyss (okay fine it has only one episode so far but I was intrigued). I am thinking of starting Murderville next!

New podcast

Minefire : Ep 1-3

“When a seance goes awry, Rob finds herself stuck with Azrael, a hilarious wise cracking entity from a realm beyond our own. Azrael and Rob, along with Azrael’s former partner, Lydia, form an unlikely trio that must work together to correct a terrible imbalance that has been wrought upon our world.”

Rob accidentally summons the demon Azrael when trying to contact her dead father, who seems to have had some occult stuff lying around. With help from Lydia, they are able to give Azrael form, but their problems are only starting. There seems to be another like him, Gabriel, walking around, and who knows what his agenda is. It is mostly good so far, though I do not like the VA for Azrael (over-acting); Gabriel’s introductory scene was pretty intense, though, and was a nice counterpoint to Azrael’s comedy antics.

Voices of the AbyssEp 1

“An anthology horror show from the makers of Lake Clarity, Aftershocks, and The Enoch Saga.Through the lens of Lovecraft, we look at human innovation through the centuries. But while we were making discoveries in the light of day, something sinister hid in the dark, just out of sight, always present. These are the Voices of the Abyss.”

Ookay this was spooky! A college radio host gets locked in her recording booth, finds recordings, and communicates with past hosts through a time travelling cabinet. It had a weird ending, but it was a satisfying conclusion?

Current podcasts

Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 148 – The Broadcaster (latest)

“There is peace in our time.”

If I was shocked with the previous episode’s ending, it was nothing compared to starting this episode and finding out it is not Cecil who is narrating it. I was like – WHERE IS MY CECIL. I will confess, I was zoning out most of the episode, only having enough awareness to wait for a mention of Cecil.

King Falls AM

Episode 84 – Boxed In (latest)

“Ben invites an interesting guest into the studio in hopes of gaining some much needed information regarding The Science Institute.”

Ben and Sammy have an argument about the former’s guest, who turns up bearing a ‘gift’ that brings Terminator Tim to their door. Hilarious, but also scary.

Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

Case 17: Perfectionism (latest)

“Kalila makes a home visit to a writer who needs more spoons for their creative projects.”

Kalila has a new client – a disabled writer who needs something to deal with the chronic pain, and be able to work. The episode discusses unconscious ableism, making more accessible spaces, creative process, perfectionism and learning to be better about identifying your own limits. Towards the end, the changeling plot comes back with Clarence calling her for help.

Love & Luck

Episode 79 – 84 (latest)

There was so much reaffirmation about chosen families and support in queer communities in these episodes. A major story point was Victor’s mother reaching out to him to make peace, and Victor goes to meet her with Jason tagging along, but obviously her attitudes haven’t changed, and Victor gets hurt all over again. While Kane and Jason are letting him process through that, Jason advocates for letting him feel his rage, and also declares himself to be Victor’s mom. Meanwhile, Ricardo has PTSD and nightmares, and he has a discussion with CJ about it, as well as how he feels like he is burdening CJ with it.

Julie’s tapes are a brilliant addition as she talks about things that match up with the episode, and also something they would benefit hearing from (I hope they get to listen to the tapes, too); she talks about forgiveness wrt parental abuse, about healing, about gender and found families. Some of the best lines come through in her tapes, and there is so much wisdom there.

The Penumbra Podcast

Episode 2.13 – Second Citadel – Lady of the Lake

“Special threats deserve special measures, and Queen Mira of the Second Citadel is a master of special measures. Enter Sir Caroline: a free radical knight, one of the Queen’s most capable and least trustworthy, and most likely the only hope the Second Citadel has of surviving the scourge of manipulative monsters that has plagued them for months. Sir Caroline, newly-appointed Investigator-General of the Second Citadel, must assemble a team and head north, to the source from which these monsters flow. But they must be careful, because the village through which they’re passing has been struck by a terrible curse… and strange things lurk near the waters through which they must pass.”

I loved this story! It has Sir Caroline teaming up with Sir Angelo and Sir Damien (Rhylla!!!!!) to investigate the monsters. Sir Damien joins in because he hopes he will get a lead that points him towards Arum, but instead they come across a village that has a cursed lake, and the legend of a witch nearby. There was also some interesting correspondence going on between Sir Caroline (slayer of women *wink*) and the Queen Mira, with Caroline being sassy but also firm. There’s discussion of the homophobia in the Second Citadel.

Episode 2.14 – Juno Steel and the Promised Land (Part 1)

“The story goes that two hundred years ago, when the War was at its most brutal, Erin Marshall D’Arc made the most important discovery in Martian history… and never shared it with anyone. An election always makes itself about the present, and so Juno Steel never expected that this case would bring him two centuries into the past. Yet here he is, on the trail of Mayor Pilot Pereyra, with a Private Eye at his side and hundreds of years of history to dig through. Down here in the Free Domers’ ruins lie traps and treasure, if the tales are true… and if Juno wants to survive he’ll have to solve two mysteries simultaneously: one about the present… and one about a family more than a century dead.”

Juno goes in with  a half-assed plan but at least Alessandra is there to temper him. She also calls him out for his rash heroics. They get into Oldtown station but come across the mayor and their minion Piranha, and obviously things don’t go according to plan. About the D’Arcs, well – they seem to have been a complicated family.

“Please tell me you’re having second thoughts. It’d imply some first thoughts that until right now I wasn’t convinced existed.”

Episode 2.15 – Juno Steel and the Promised Land (Part 2)

“This case was supposed to be simple. Go into the Old Subway system, figure out what Mayor Pereyra is trying to get, stop them from getting it, then go home to a parade and a new world order. But now three days have passed, and the election looms, and still Juno, Alessandra, the Piranha, and Pilot Pereyra are down here, waiting for something in the distance. It seemed like it was going to be simple. But in this line of work, when you’re dealing with mysteries of the present, past, and future… nothing is ever as it seems.”

You bet your ass I almost screamed when I heard Peter Nureyev talk. Juno’s trapped on the pod with the other three, as they are on their way to the Free Dome, with no way out. With the D’Arcs’ confusing messages, and Strong suggesting that the dangers they are supposed to face in this journey are already extinct, things are going to be…interesting. I also liked that we get a little backstory on Juno, even it was warped. Also, holy heck, the Theia Spectrum can do THAT?

Episode 2.16 – Juno Steel and the Promised Land (Part 3)

“If you had asked Erin Marshall D’Arc, the Free Dome was supposed to be for everyone. Anyone who wanted a home away from the War, she said, could have it. If you had asked Marshall Erin D’Arc, the Free Dome was only for the best of the best. Only those who could create paradise, he said, could have it. If you ask Mayor Pilot Pereyra, the Free Dome belongs to the highest bidder. Whoever finds it, they say, owns it – and they can do with it as they please. And if you ask Juno Steel, Private Eye, drained of blood and confidence? You can keep your lousy Dome. Because something about this place doesn’t sit right with Detective Steel… and he’s rapidly running out of time to figure out what it is before Pilot decides they’re done with him.”

With the mayor charging on ahead with confidence and faith in the D’Arcs, through what seems like tests designed by someone who is not all there, the danger for Juno and Alessandra keeps rising (and not just because they are being kept alive to use as cannon fodder for the traps). Juno hesitates to use Theia because of what happened earlier.

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