Readathoning in March

Like February, March is a galley-pile-overflowing month for me, so I have to, once again, restrain myself from taking part in readathons that I will not be able to do. There was the one that fit my needs, and it is Monstrous March!

Monstrous March (month-long)


As per Books and Munches, this March is for reading those monstrous books, i.e., thriller, horror and suspense novels.

I found  7 books from my upcoming galleys to fit this theme, and they all lean more towards thriller and suspense. I wish I had a horror novel to balance it out, but I will probably pick one up as a mood read. For now this is my list


Beautiful Bad Call Me Evie If You're Out There The Waking Forest Never-Contented Things My Lovely Wife Dreaming Darkly

Which readathons are you doing in March? If you need inspiration/info on others, there are more at Little Book Owl

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