Shouting from the Shelftops #5

Shouting from the Shelftops is a bimonthly feature to gush over book news that come to my attention, to celebrate good news amidst whatever the year is delivering to you. The basic mood for these posts is just Enthusiastic Screaming.

The last two weeks have been rocked with yet another set of shockwaves in book Twitter, but we will ignore that and focus on the amazing news that did come out during this time! I’m so excited about the new book deals.

But first,

Can we have a scream for ‘They Both Die at the End’ adaptation?

Okay, maybe it is weird to scream about a YA romance that ends in death, but I am so happy that Adam Silvera’s novel is getting a HBO mini-series!!!! It’s gay, it’s diverse and you betcha I am eagerly waiting for the casting.

It's a Whole SpielAnd there’s gonna be a Jewish anthology?!

Another diverse anthology is going to come this year (2019 is so #blessed) and it includes some amazing YA authors like David Levithan, Hannah Moskowitz and Laura Silverman, writing about, well, Jewish experiences.

From stories of confronting their relationships with Judaism to rom-coms with a side of bagels and lox, It’s a Whole Spiel is an insightful and funny Jewish anthology from a collection of diverse Jewish authors. One story after another of yes, we are Jewish, and we are also queer, and disabled, and creative, and political, and adventurous, and compassionate.”

I first saw it because of the cover reveal on Hypable, but I can’t imagine how it did not pop up on my radar earlier?!

Sandhya Menon is writing a series of fairytale retellings OMG!

Image result for galavant isabella gifIt has just been announced as a book deal, but I am already in love with this idea of a trilogy of fairytale retellings with an Indian princess! (And yes, I totally got Isabella in Galavant feels)

I’m only sad because we have to wait until 2020 for the first one, Of Curses and Kisses.

Marie Lu is writing a historical novel!

Speaking of waiting until 2020 – Marie Lu has a new novel. Okay, according to Goodreads, I had already added this, but it maybe possible I may have added it when it was just named ‘Untitled’ and was without any synopsis, as one does for one’s favorite and auto-buy authors. Anyhoo, I just checked out the synopsis of Kingdom of Back and it is “based on the childhood of composer Mozart and his sister Nannerl. When a magical imp (in the form of a gorgeous teen boy) from the “imaginary” kingdom of Back offers to fulfill her secret wish to always be remembered, Nannerl unwittingly makes a terrible pact to solidify her place in history.”

Image result for mozart gif

And so is Kiersten White!

I already loved her The Conqueror’s Saga series (still have to read the last one but I am optimistic) so I already have high hopes for her reimagination of the Arthurian legend, called the Camelot Rising trilogy! The first book, The Guinevere Deception will be out this year, thankfully!

A Kingdom for a Stage (For a Muse of Fire #2)Can we have some #CoverLove for the For a Muse of Fire sequel?!

You know how much I loved reading For a Muse of Fire last year! So much that I even made fanart! And I was so happy to see that the sequel, A Kingdom for a Stage (the name for which I saw for the first time in this tweet, too) has a cover! OMG it is beautiful and I love the matching style and the contrasting color! Just gorgeous! And considering it is about necromancy, so fitting.

Which news got you the most excited?!

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