Shouting from the Shelftops #4

Shouting from the Shelftops is a bimonthly feature to gush over book news that come to my attention, to celebrate good news amidst whatever the year is delivering to you. The basic mood for these posts is just Enthusiastic Screaming.

It has been an exhilirating two weeks in Booklandia and I can’t wait to get down to gush over it with ya’ll!!!

Holy shirt, the first of the Ronan trilogy!

Maggie Stiefvater dropped a bombshell this week by releasing the title, release date and the cover of the first book in the new Ronan trilogy, and all of us Ravenous were screaming!!!!


The name is derived from a Yeats poem, and the cover is glorious and full of details. There is the red hawk, of course, and the ouroborous which is significant doubly because Ronan has always been alluded to be particularly snake-like, and also the symbolism of cyclic creation and destruction. Also the bird’s wings have forest details on them, and I am not the only one with plenty of theories about what this trilogy will hold for him.

Some eagle-eyed fans have already picked out a reference to this from book 1.

Is it deliberate? Are we fans done catching all the easter eggs from the Raven Cycle?Will Stiefvater stop teasing us relentlessly? Who knows? All I know is November can’t come soon enough!!

On the Come UpOn the Come Up has a movie deal!

After Angie Thomas’ relevant and powerful The Hate U Give and its movie (which I really need to see one of these days!), we were all waiting for her next book, On the Come Up, which while not a sequel, is also a social justice contemporary novel. But what was truly amazing to hear was that it already has a movie deal even before the book release!

There’s a new OV Black anthology coming!

 There’s a new speculative fiction anthology coming in 2020, A Phoenix must Burn,  featuring “Black girls and gender non-conforming teens” and I am SO HERE for all the diverse anthologies that are announced. The author list includes Dhonielle Clayton, Ibi Zoboi and Danielle Paige.

Rin Chupeco has a new book coming this year!

 There was only one way I could respond to this: TAKE MY MONEY! A new book release, The Never Titling World, from one of my favorite authors!!! I mean, I had already added it, but now the release is confirmed to be in fall this year.

The Synopsis: Pitched as Frozen meets Mad Max, the series is about a world ruled by goddesses that has been split in two—one half existing in perpetual scorching Day, the other in freezing Night—and the twins separated at birth who learn they’re destined to make their way across the great divide and rule a reunited world.

The Daevabad Trilogy #3 has a title!

Shannon Chakraborty announced the title of the third and final book of Nahri’s adventures! It’s – The Empire of Gold! First of all, I am loving the theme of the series titles – City of Brass, Kingdom of Copper and now The Empire of Gold. Secondly, with each of the metal names having a significance to the plot, I am very interested in what the Gold signifies – we already know part of it will be in Cairo, so what could it be????!!!! HMMMMM????!!!!!

The Ghost BrideThe Ghost Bride is getting a Netflix adaptation!

Looks like it is past time that I read a long-standing book (nearly 4 years now *sobs*) on my TBR – The Ghost Bride – which is going to be made into a Chinese 6-part series by Netflix! In case you didn’t know, it is a story about a young woman being offered as a ‘ghost bride’, i.e., ‘married’ to a recently deceased scion who is going to haunt her, and then she gets involved in a whole other afterlife.

It is currently in production but they have a teaser up!

42133479Can we have some #CoverLove for Wicked Fox?

Holy heck, I am in love with this cover! Illustrated covers are getting more popular, and I am so here for it, and having a Korean urban fantasy with Korean characters on it?! Awesome! I also checked out the cover artist’s other works and they are breathtaking (also recognized the cover for The Cold is in her Bones on there)!

A Treason of ThornsCover revealed for Laura Weymouth’s sophomore novel!

The Light Between Worlds was one of my favorite reads of last year, and Weymouth’s next novel, A Treason of Thorns had been announced and it already has a lovely cover (go check out the interview!) Very wild and natural, much like her debut novel but a nice contrast to it, too. Another historical fantasy with themes of belonging, A Treason of Thorns is about an exiled girl tied to the sentient magic of her family home.

Sara Holland has a new book deal!

The author of Everless, is coming out with a new book about a magical waystation, called Havenfall! Especially excited because Holland was a 2018 debut author and getting a new series deal is amazing news!

Empire of the Vampire (Empire of the Vampire, #1)It is truly a Vampire revival

After the vampire anthology that was announced, as well as Renee Ahdieh’s vampire novel, now there is news of another vampire novel – from Jay Kristoff. According to him, “Empire of the Vampire is an illustrated dark fantasy epic; the bastard lovechild of Interview with the Vampire, The Road and The Name of the Wind.” Aaaaand it is being illustrated by Nan Fe, who has this dark bloody desaturated gothic style that I am already excited to see in this series.

Which news has you screaming?! Come gush with me in the comments!

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