On the Pod this week #22

Fabulas Audio is a weekly wrap posts for podcasts I listen to. It is a complement to the ongoing Podcast rec posts, with the difference that these are much more spoilery!

I’ve started The Strange Case of Starship Iris, and catching up on some other podcasts’ mini episodes I had forgotten about. And now, with only TPP and Hello from the Magic Tavern as the longer podcasts (50+ episodes) to catch up on, I am thinking of starting newer podcasts.

Up next in my queue is Badvertising (fresh new podcast), Ash and Blue (urban fantasy mystery I have been WAITING to check out), and EOS10 (which has just begun its 4th season). 

I changed up the format of the post a little – I hope you like the embeds!

New podcast

The Strange Case of Starship Iris: Ep 1-9 (latest)

“In 2189, Earth narrowly won a war against extraterrestrials. The Strange Case of Starship Iris is about what comes after. It’s a story of outer space, survival, espionage, resistance, identity, friendship, found family, romance, and secrets. (Also, there’s jokes.)”

The first episode started off like a meet-cute in space and then with that twist, drew me in so completely, I couldn’t stop until I had caught up on all the episodes. It has conspiracy, smugglers in space, intergalactic war, heartfelt moments, a political mystery – honestly it feels like the plot still has so much more to unearth (with only 9 episodes so far) and I am so here for it.

Current podcasts

Love and Luck: Ep 64 – Hard Things to Bear

“Maggie’s wedding is lovely, but Jason is left feeling hurt by their parents. Back at home, Michael and Ricardo commiserate on the scars left in them by what they went through.”

An emotional episode that reinforces the found family theme of the bar, with Jason’s sadness over his family not accepting him completely as well as Michael’s job troubles bleeding over his hesitation to ask for help. A big part of the story is, of course, having a good support system, and this episode was about reminding that.

Ep 65 – Tapes (latest)

“Kane learns that his mother recorded cassette tapes that he never knew about, and Priya sends them on their way.”

The mystery of the tapes is being kept for later reveal I guess (I know I know this is slice of life romance, but I can’t help yearning for a good mystery!), as Kane and Jason go for a well-deserved movie date, and we get to hear delightful Storm again.

King Falls AM: Ep 77 – Homecoming (latest)

“Ben plays what he can for a “Best Of” as Sammy take the night off: The King Falls Lumberjacks homecoming game.”

This episode is chronologically before the previous one, having been ‘recorded’ during the station’s hiatus – Ben, desperate to get some airtime with Sammy (and to tempt him into extending his contract) accepts a gig for the two of them to commentate during a high school football game. Only thing – Sammy is not fond of sports and Ben doesn’t even know football; this means a lot of bickering, Sammy reluctantly using his knowledge to make the best of it, and Ben being very passionate about his alma mater‘s team, Herschel making an appearance and some surprising guests on the field. I particularly loved Archie calling out the moms of King Falls at the end (never change, Archie).

Magic King Dom Rec 7 – Whole New World

“Dom’s camera has been on the fritz but it’s finally been fixed, only much has changed.”

Dom says there is a lot to catch up, and girl you need to talk more on these episodes. All I am getting is that the ones who had taken her are all now banded together as a group and leaving the park in search of what I don’t know.

Rec 8 – Bare Necessities (latest)

“Dom wants some time to herself to catch up with her camera but things quickly go south.”

It was mostly not memorable, except for that cliffhanger ending.

The Penumbra Podcast: Ep 1.13 – Home

“Lily doesn’t want to move. This house is the only home she’s ever known, and she loves it – but in a few days her family is leaving, and her older brother Jake says she’ll never see it again. Dad says not to worry about it, that it’s okay to be sad when you’re leaving home, but sadness isn’t what Lily’s worried about. Lily’s scared.

Because for the last few weeks Lily’s been having nightmares, strange dreams about a thing in the dark with cold breath and sharp teeth. Normally Mom and Dad help her with her nightmares, but… tonight, Mom and Dad are out of town. And normally Lily would just turn on a light and try not to think about the monster in the dark… but tonight, the power’s gone out.”

Holy shit that was scary AF. The sound effects, the voice acting, the story – it was so realistic, I had to pause a couple of times because damn, it was scaring me. It had sort of an expected ending, but it worked well for this short story.

Bonus: The Rita Minute

“What does Rita do when Juno Steel, Private Eye, is out of the office? Why, everything she’s not supposed to, naturally.”

I was screaming – this was such an amusing look into Rita’s day! Or more accurately, her thought train! And after all that effort, the way Juno just drops it – I almost thought she would attack him.

The Bright Sessions: The Bright Sides – Patient #3-B-2

“Dr. Bright conducts a therapy session over Skype.”

I liked the first bright sides episode so I was looking forward to this one (time and life got in between, sigh!) and it didn’t disappoint. A queer archeologist who can control the weather, and who has to keep her powers (and her sexuality) specifically below radar in a desert country, so that she doesn’t catch notice of other atypical hunting agencies. It was left open-ended and I hope for the best.

The Bright Sides – Patient #8-C-6

“Dr. Bright sometimes has a hard time seeing one her less frequent patients.”

Okay, first of all, nice pun in the episode synopsis! Also, the guy makes frequent puns regarding his invisibility powers. I always thought it was a cool power to have, but his viewpoint gives the difficulties one may have with it. That plus social anxiety? Whew! I loved how Dr Bright handled that particular aspect and gave non-condescending-sounding advice about how to integrate better with your peers.

The Bright Sides – Patient #7-B-3

“A younger patient causes some problems with Dr. Bright’s session recordings.”

I am loving these episodes for the range of powers it brings! An electric ability, OMG! Also, no offense to the original storyline, but I am so invested in these one-off episodes about the various kinds of patients and powers Dr Bright is having. It is obvious for this one that this is before or during the season 1 timeline, as Mark is being subtly not-mentioned, and them talking about grief.

The Bright Sides – Patient #9-A-2

“Dr. Bright gets a visit from an old patient with an unreliable ability.”

As I said earlier, I am loving the wide range of abilities. Here, she is dealing with a patient who has a pre-cog ability, and it went into how he manages it while being in a stressful job, as well as the morality of using your abilities for your job.

The Bright Sides – Patient #4-A-5

“Dr. Bright makes a house call.”

Holy dream team! This one was written by Gabriel Urbina of Wolf 359, and has Zach Valenti playing the role of the patient. I have always wanted a TBS-Wolf 359 team match up and they did an awesome episode together. This one particularly talked about the AM doctors’ risks in dealing with patients who might use the abilities on them, and also showed how well Dr Bright can talk down an upset patient and distract them to co-operate with her. As she said, she is ‘very good at her job’.

Lore: Episode 105 – Layers

“We love to simplify things. Easy is better than complex, after all, and simple things are easy to understand. Sadly, though, the people around us are far from simple; they are complex and layered, with deep, hidden stories just waiting to be discovered.”

About a famous medium during the height of the spiritualist movement called Florence Cook, the episode went a little towards the scientific route, talking about how multiple scientists tried to figure out how her powers work, or if it is real, firstly. Also a bit more about how her powers were met with skepticism, as expected, and the personal tribulations that led her to keep doing her medium work.

Wolf 359: Mini Episode – Space Rage

“Faced with yet another affront to his dignity, Communications Officer Eiffel expresses his frustrations the only way he knows how – through the miracle of radio. “

I love love Doug Eiffel and the way he entertains himself on a floating metal can. Especially when he is told he can’t express his nerd-dom.

Mini Episode – Step One

“Forced to deal with the unique challenge of figuring out how to put on a space suit, Communications Officer Eiffel does his best to break it down into small, manageable steps.”

Doug once again underestimates how hard space things are – I almost thought he was going to get himself killed, and then remembered this was way before all the shenanigans after Lovelace’s arrival, so was comforted just to hear him again.

Mini Episode – Adventure of a Lifetime

“Communications Officer Eiffel explores the far reaches of the Hephaestus, and goes on a journey like no other.”

It is a testament to how bored he was on the spaceship if he went searching the dark corners. Also, I must say he underestimates how difficult space is, and then panics over getting locked in a room!

Hello from the Magic Tavern: Episode 4 – The FML

“This week I meet Larry Birdman, who is something of a celebrity in Foon. He is the commissioner of the Foon Mittens League, whatever that is. I hope he’s nicer than Flower.”

Arnie meets someone who talks about a sport (?) Foon has, and how popular it is! I also loved how they track viewership, which includes even possessing someone to watch, or through blood, or dreams, LOL.

I am still in the early episodes of the series, and while I find it entertaining and funny, I am not sure if I really love it. And there are over 190 episodes for me to catch up on, so I will see.

“Are you a listener to any of these podcasts? Just wanna scream about the episodes? Tell me in the comments!

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