Podcasts for Readers #8: Tides

Back with a new podcast rec for the month – Tides is a new one, only a season old, so you should be able to catch up to it in no time and then join me in the wait for the next season!


Episodes: 8 (~20 mins) + 4 mini-episodes
Status: on hiatus until season 2
Genres: science fiction
Is it gay? Canon bi, gay and demi characters
Ships? Nope
Short take? Tides is the story of Dr. Winifred Eurus, a xenobiologist trapped on an unfamiliar planet with hostile tidal forces. She must use her wits, sarcasm and intellectual curiosity to survive long enough to be rescued. But there might be more to life on this planet than she expected. . .
Warnings: provided in episode description

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Fred is trapped on an alien planet that seems mostly ocean, and is trying to survive some killer waves. To pass the time and keep her mind from panicking about the situation, she is doing what she came for – studying the alien life on the planet, observing their behaviour as it pertains to the tide patterns, and waiting for rescue.

The mini-episodes expand the world further, bringing to mind a corporate-controlled space exploration snatching up all the brilliant scientists they can get.


It is more like a scientist recording her observations, so the start can feel a little dry (no pun intended). However, as the series progresses, you start to realize how in-depth the planet was dreamed up, and Fred’s level of detail describing them as well as her thought processes as to the how and why of the creatures’ reactions all build up a vivid exoplanet.

Additionally, the main fear is how long can she survive on it while her crew tries to contact her – we don’t hear much from them, but the little that we do endears us to them, as well as gives glimpses into her relationship with them. Also, each episode ends with a scientist fact that may or may not be tongue-in-cheek.

Voice acting/Sound effects

Voice acting is awesome! Julia Schifini does a great job bringing out Fred’s emotions – her calm scientist focus and the mild panic of being alone on an alien planet. The other crew voices are also great, and I love Zach Libresco as Captain Ricketts.

Quotes I Loved

“I came to this world, as all xenobiologists do, in search of the vague existential concept of extraterrestrial life. Instead I was deposited, birthed from the sea like our ancestors, wet and freshly formed, on the stark shores of reality. Instead of benevolent mermaid-like aliens reaching down to help me I quite literally hit my head on a stromatolite. It’s a stark reminder that life is less of a romantic ideal and more something very similar to a rock.”

For fans of

A Conspiracy of Stars (Faloiv, #1) The Martian

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If you would like me to add anything to these posts, or would like extra information, please let me know via a comment below! Spoilery/non-spoilery discussions both welcome!

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