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Hey guys, I am back with another tag! I saw this one on Kristina’s blog a while back and kept it for doing one day, and the day has arrived! So enjoy!

What do you look for most when you pick up a book?
A) A beautiful writing style B) A character driven story C) A plot driven story

Good plot is my first concern when I pick up a book. Good characterization and good writing is secondary, but I need a good story to keep me engaged with it. Part of it is because plot-driven stories usually have a faster pacing. On the other hand, I have come across some really good character driven stories that are glacial, and make me lose interest pretty soon, even if they are quite good

What are your pet peeves in books?

Actually, I’ve done a whole lists on this topic, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll say using violence for gratuitous shock value.

If you could print one quote on your wall, which one would it be?

“Reality’s what other people dream for you” – The Dream Thieves, Maggie Stiefvater

I love this quote! It is on my freaking lock screen.

Which genre would you like to explore more?

It’s been a while since I’ve read a good teen comedy. Something like Geek Girl, or with snarky characters. Just something fluffy and cute, to make me laugh.

Was there ever a movie adaptation you liked better than the book?

Stardust. No offense to Neil Gaiman, but I loved the movie better! *hides from Gaiman fans*

 If one of your favorite books would be adapted or get a new adaptation, which book would it be and which role would you like to play?

My favorite YA book series – The Raven Cycle – is getting a TV show, so I will omit that as an answer. Another of my favorite series which I would love to have a TV show for, would be The Hollows – think Grimm and Lost Girl vibes, but in an alternate world where supernatural creatures live along side humans. I would love to play the pixy Matalina, or maybe the banshee Mia Harbor!

A hyped book you wouldn’t recommend at all?

Y’all there are many hyped ones that let me down, so I’ll go with a recent one – Norwegian Wood.

A book that highly influenced your life and way of thinking?

Gosh, there are so many things from books that I unconsciously and subtly absorb, so pinpointing a book that has a visible influence is a tough question to answer. But perhaps the deconstruction of romance in the Paradise Kiss series of manga has had a pronounced effect in the way I view personal relationships.

Are you a fan of re-reading books, do you do it often?

I’m not a big fan of re-reading books, but in the recent couple of years I have gone back to old favorites that I wanted to re-experience. Mostly, though, the threat of my TBR pile keeps me from returning to familiar worlds.

Which book title could easily be the title of your life?

Girl Against the Universe

Which book should be required reading for everyone?

Required reading feels like a sadistic practice to me (thank goodness I didn’t have to go through it) so I am not going to answer this one. There is no ONE book that SHOULD BE READ by everyone – it isn’t empirically possible!

Feel free to tag yourself if you like this tag! (Just link me, so I can check out your answers, too!)

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