Readathoning in September

I am so excited for new readathons this September! All of them are long readathons and this will be my first Seasonal Series readathon (I missed both Spring and Summer ones). I mostly have a TBR set, but some of the prompts of the themed readathons are vague enough to allow multiple books.

Sequel September (month-long)

Sequel SeptemberHosted by Books & Munches, the readathon is for reading sequels this month. I have set it at 5 sequels to be read.


The Traitor Prince (Ravenspire, #3) The Blood Spell (Ravenspire, #4) The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch, #2) The Shadowglass (The Bone Witch, #3) Bruja Born (Brooklyn Brujas, #2)

Emojiathon (month-long)

Being hosted by on Twitter, the objectives are to read books that fit the prompts. There is a bingo board to make things easier, and thankfully with multiple prompts being allowed with every book, I have a set TBR ready.

Seasonal Series Readathon (Sep 22 – Dec 20)

This one is a 3 month long readathon with a bingo board, and is being hosted on Twitter. I don’t have a set TBR for this as some of the prompts are broad; also, to decide books 3 months in advance is not my style.

What readathons are you planning to do this month?

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