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This or That Book Tag was created by A DayDreamer’s Thoughts, and I found it on Pagefuls.

Audiobook or text book?

Umm, even though I have recently got into audio books and I love the format, I will always choose text versions over audio. The former is more reliable – audio depends a lot on the narrator. Also, text can be read quicker.

Paperback or hard back?

I honestly don’t care. Any print version will do for me. Hardbacks only have the advantage of lasting longer if you plan to keep the book for years.

Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction always, baby!

Bookshop or online?

No solid preference as I get my books from both places. It usually comes down to availability, which is where online wins.

Standalone or trilogy?

I am a sucker for series. There are few standalones that have satisfied me with world-building and conclusions in a single book. Much rather read a series which allows for different elements to develop at their own pace.

Heavy & long or short & sweet?

Short & Sweet – I read books to be happy, after all. But I also love books that put me in a glass case of emotions, so…

Reading somewhere cozy or in the sun?

*hisses at the sun* Reading somewhere cozy, of course!

Hot chocolate or coffee?

Hot chocolate all the way! I have a sweet tooth, and an intense love for chocolate that surpasses my love for coffee.

Want to do this tag? Sure, go ahead! Just give credits to the original creator!

3 thoughts on “This or That Book Tag

  1. Good answers! Agree about audiobooks – I recently started reading (listening to) them and thoroughly enjoy them but will always prefer a print version!

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