2018 Beat the Backlist sign-up!

Folks, it is only 15 days till the end of this garbage year! Okay, maybe the next year will be equally garbage (hey, it is hard to be optimistic these days), but we will always have books (thank the book gods and the authors) to pick us up when we are down. So, we must also give love to the old books (well, even if they are only a few months old from the perspective of 2018) and that is why I am participating again in the Beat the Backlist challenge. This year I had aimed for 52 and completed it (I don’t know about the mini-challenges yet, but that will come up in the wrap-up post that I’ll publish by the end of the year) but I wasn’t as active for my team as I was at the start (I kept forgetting to submit my reviews for points). So, 2018 will have a new, hopefully more disciplined me who will give her best to challenges.

In case you want to join me in this quest to beat your backlist into submission, sign up over at Novel Knight, get your team assignment and get cracking on those books published before 2018. Goals are personal – you can set it at whatever you want as long as it is published before 2017- so it is a low-stress challenge. My personal goals are to read at least 1 backlist book per week, so that makes it 52 backlist books in 2018. I’ll try to do Bookstagram if possible, but that depends on a lot of factors, so no promises on that yet!


And my team assignment is Story Sorcerors! If you are one, come say hi!




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