The Reading Quest wrap-up

The Reading Quest was a fun month-long reading challenge with a game twist – you had these paths you could take and challenges you could complete to earn XP and HP.

Reading Quest Board

It really made me go out and take up books which I left languishing on my TBR, and I am happy to say that I did pretty good by my standards! 17 books in a month, ya’ll!

I first started with the Mage path. I thought, with all the galleys that I have and the specificity of the challenges, I would be lucky to do 5 books. So, I kept expectations low, but somehow I was motivated to complete that pretty soon:

Then I did some side quests and was thinking which path to tackle next – I was doing both Knight and Rogue path, but I finished the latter first.

And then I was trying to complete the Knight path, with only a couple of books needed but my reads at that time were focused on the Because Dragons RAT, and not all of them fulfilled the Quest goals. Thankfully, on the last day, I got to finish it and earn the Knight Path too!

Obviously, I tried hard to get diverse books for each challenge, but sometimes I was limited by my own reading queue, and galley availability. For this challenge, I went for more farther frontlisted galleys than I usually do, but it worked out because I really wanted to read them too!

So, my final Quest board looked like this:

My books

And finally, my character card (I wanted to include the graphics for Rogue and Knight, because they are so CUTE!)
I may not be the highest level achieved at the moment, but I am pretty happy with myself and I had so much fun! Would totally love to do this again (actually, I will be unofficially trying to complete the rest of the challenges)

List of books used in challenge (books in blue are from marginalized authors):
1. Thin Places (Mage – A book based on mythology)
2. Yona of the Dawn Vol 3 (Mage -A Book that contains magic)
3. Wings Unseen (Mage – A book set in a different world)
4. Code Name Verity (Mage – The first book of a series)
5. Starswept (Mage – A book with a one-word title)
6. The Dazzling Heights (Side Quest – A book set in past/future)
7. All Rights Reserved (Rogue – A book cover with a partially obscured face)
8. Spliced (Rogue – A book published by a small press)
9. Blades of Magic (Knight – A book with a weapon on its cover)
10. They Both Die At the End (Knight – A book with a verb in its title)
11. The Old Guard (Side Quest – A graphic novel)
12. Before She Ignites (Rogue – A book with <500 ratings on Goodreads)
13. Born a Crime (Side Quest – Open World)
14. An Enchantment of Ravens (Side Quest – A book referencing animal in title)
15. The Giver (Rogue – banned book)
16. The Princess Bride (Knight – A book that has a TV/movie adaptation)
17. Blood of Wonderland (Knight – A book with a red cover)

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