2017 Reading Challenges – Sign-Up master-post

January – ah, reading challenges in the air! And for a competitive (only to myself) reader like me, challenges are like catnip. I love them, and it gives a sense of direction to my rather impetuous reading habits. I like to think it keeps my reading balanced, even though the numbers I set for each challenge/genre vary. Last year, I had undertaken 14 challenges, besides readathons, and I succeeded at most of them, so naturally I hunted down even more challenges this year and am continuing some from last year. Since making a sign up post for each would kind of spam all you lovelies, I felt making a common sign up (like the two I made last year) would be in everyone’s best interests. That being said, if you want the short version, you can go to the dedicated page. The long version begins after here:

#RockMyTBR 2017 Reading Challenge

Goals: 12 (one book off TBR per month)

This one is pretty straightforward – one purchased book (no galleys, even if the book was on my TBR) off my shelf every month. I will try to participate in the group reads (even if I have read the books before) and be more interactive with the folks. 🙂

Flights of Fantasy Reading Challenge
Goals: 100 fantasy books
Actually I had crossed this goal last year easily, but I did not increase the set goals this year because I want to diversify my reading choices. Fantasy is still my go-to genre, but I don’t want to read just that.

Blogger Shame 2016

Goals: 52 past due galleys

Requiring at least 4 months old galleys, this challenge will help me tackle the review copies that I have neglected due to mismanagement of time. I didn’t even look to see how many review copies I have in my backlog – suffice to say there are more than 52, but I am limiting to one per week since I have plenty of upcoming galleys to get to, too.

2017 Diverse Reading Challenge

Goals: 52 diverse books

Honestly, it should be like a huge chunk of my reading list, but since a lot of books on my TBR wouldn’t fall into any categories of diverse books, I have to limit this to, like 52 books, minimum. I haven’t decided on the reading list for each month’s theme, but I am hoping I can get the four required in each category.

That Artsy Reader Girl

Goals:12 books by 2017 debut authors

I think I have way more than 12 debut books on my TBR, but for the sake of simplicity and overall symmetry (if you notice, all my goal numbers are either in months, weeks, or a round figure), I have set it to 12.

Dystopia Reading Challenge

Goals: 26 dystopian books

2 dystopian books per month sounds okay, considering I haven’t added many to my TBR recently. My interest in this genre is also cooling off a bit, as I haven’t taken up any new series. There are plenty already on my reading list to fill up this, though.

2017 Audiobook Challenge

Goals: 10 audiobooks

There will be some rereads involved, since I generally don’t prefer audio for first reads (I tend to get lost in my own theories about the plot, the story etc while reading, which means I can miss parts when my brain is working on the story while listening to it) but I will try to add some new books for this challenge

2017 Beat the Backlist Challenge

Goals: 52 backlisted books

For books published before 2017, this challenge will help my 3+ year old TBR list. Some books have been shamefully there for at least 2 years.

I’m joining for my Hogwarts house Hufflepuff in the mini-challenge, and hope to win loads of points for my house. Hufflepuff rules!

2017 Beat the Backlist Challenge

Goals:100 galleys

At the highest level (Diamond), I am hoping to beat my Netgalley ratio into shape this year and get that coveted 80% badge. Just you see!

Goals: 26 series enders

Once again setting at highest level because I have attachment issues when it comes to series and keep making excuses to not read the last book in a series.

Historical Romance Reading Challenge

Goals: 26 historical romance

Remember when I said I wanted to expand my reading pool? Yep, romance is a genre I usually stray from – a story focused heavily on a romantic subplot generally doesn’t interest me, but I also have some lying on my TBR so I might as well.

Historical Romance Reading Challenge

Goals: One post per month

My blog is sorely lacking in discussions. I post reviews, some blog hops and that’s it. I am not great with words but I will try to come up with something regarding books, every month.

Contemporary Romance Reading Challenge

Goals: 26 contemporary romances

Again, I have some of these on my TBR and as galleys, so setting it up as a challenge would help me get to them.

My Soul Called Life

This is more of a scavenger hunt to read books that contain certain keywords in their titles. It will be fun to look for such books!

2017 Witches & Witchcraft Reading Challenge

Goals: 16 Witchy books
Aiming for 16 witchy books but I don’t think I have many on my TBR. We’ll see I guess?

And that’s all, at least for the year-long reading challenges. I will be participating in read-a-thons as usual, so keep an eye out for those posts. Have a great reading year ahead, my dears!

What challenges are you taking part in?

3 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenges – Sign-Up master-post

  1. Wow that’s a lot of challenges! I’m doing the Diverse Reads Books 2017 and Beat the Backlist. I thought about also doing the Witchy one, but in the end I decided these two plus the #DAReadAThon were more than enough for me. Best of luck to you!! 😀

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