2016 Wrap-Up *Reading Challenges*

Whew, 2016 is finally over! This has been a difficult year around the world and a lot of us are relieved it is over, and are glad to welcome in 2017 for the possibility of new things. But before we say goodbye to 2016, it is good to recount all the good things that happened, and for me good things always relate to books. This year, I had chosen to take up a LOT of reading challenges and I am happy to say that I have completed most of them.

Firstly, the Goodreads Reading Challenge:

2016 Reading Challenge

2016 Reading Challenge
Krutula has
completed her goal of reading
250 books in

This was a challenge that I, for the first time, was consistently ahead of throughout the year. It helped that I had read as much as possible in periods of reading frenzy so that when the slumps came, I did not fall behind. In fact, I raised my goals from the earlier 200 to 250, somewhere in the middle of the year, when I knew I was going to cross it, and I managed to exceed that too. So, for Goodreads challenge, it was a win!

Other achievements: I crossed 2000 books read overall (right now at 2053), with only 9 books on that list that have been reread and added.

Onto other challenges,

Progress: 71/26 (shelf)

I crossed this challenge way back, thanks to month-long read-a-thons that gave me encouragement to read other than the galleys I had.

Progress: 122/100

Fantasy is my favorite genre and I was more than happy to do this challenge.

I’m counting only full-length novels for this challenge, so my shelf numbers and this here differs.

Progress: 51/52 (shelf)

Ah, I was so close. I was not really checking up on my challenges since September, otherwise I could have gotten in that last book. Still, I made a good effort, I think.

Progress: 29/6

Oh my god, there were so many great books with a protagonists with different sexualities – you should check out my shelf for recs! Of course, they are not the end-all, and I hope to read more of such diverse books in 2017

Progress: 194/51 points

Another challenge in which I exceeded expectations. I read whole series in this year, so naturally I was able to gather points by the basketful.

Progress: 24/11

I did not think I really read much of dystopia this year but I still won the challenge! 🙂

  Progress: 10/11

I kind of knew I probably wouldn’t win this one, since I had trouble finding much horror books to read this year. Still, close enough.

Progress: 61/100 (shelf)

I admit I set the bar too high on this one, since this was a year I also had a lot of galleys to read. Will do better next year!

Progress: 141/100

Like I said, a lot of galleys read this year, which meant a lot of reviewing. I have slowed down on the requests but I still have a lot of books to review before I can hit that 80% approval-to-feedback ratio.

Progress: 62/26

This challenge included books that had protagonists who were non-cis, or non-hetero, or non-white, or settings other than Western ones. But there are so many diverse books out there that I have yet to read, which is why this is one challenge I will be continuing even in 2017.

Also, there was certainly a tendency to read more diverse books and also a call for diverse books in the bookish community this year, which is commendable. Right now, with how racism is rearing its ugly head worldwide, it is imperative more than ever to read books that reflect the myriad of stories that we all live through and even worlds where things reflect a more balanced view.

Progress: 61/21

I actually made an effort to read more contemporary this year, even though it is not really a genre I prefer to read in (even if I do, it is mostly mystery). But I was pleased by the variety of stories authors brought out.

Progress: 31/26


Retelling is my favorite genre after fantasy and undoubtedly my insta-add genre. I read a lot of fairytale retellings this year, but also some of classic books.Completed and won the Chesire cat badge (26+ books)

What I realized is that I read retellings even of books I haven’t read (but know the story of), and that prompted me to come up with my own challenge for 2017 – the Then & Again challenge, which I hope all of you will join too.

Progress: 15/12 series

It was sometimes more than one series a month, and I exceeded this challenge.


Progress: 20/7 (Expert series reader)

I am notorious for not reading the last book in a series ( I have attachment issues, okay?) so I tried to complete series this year. Another battle I won, but there are still so many series I yet have to finish *runs screaming*


For this one, I completed only 5 out of the 6 challenges. I did all of them, except the book to movie adaptations. *sigh* I lost this one.

The Book Nympho Progress: 10/15

I had really hoped I would win this challenge, since audiobook is a format in which I don’t really read and so this would actually pose a challenge. I am not yet converted to them, but yeah, I am sort of okay reading in audio version sometimes instead of print.

And that’s all, folks! I’m so glad to welcome the new year and new challenges.


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