The 2017 Then & Again Reading Challenge


Welcome to the Then & Again Reading Challenge!
(thank you, Prags and Steph for coming up with the name)

Have those stories you know the plot for, but never actually read them? Seen or read a retelling of a famous book but never bothered to read the original? Well, this challenge is exactly that! For the Then & Again challenge, we will read one book and its retelling every month, and see how stories transform when rewritten.


  • Every month, I will select an ‘original book’ and you can read that (or reread it) and follow it with a retelling of your choice.
  • This retelling can be a book, a movie, a web series, etc. and you can buddy/group read it.
  • Fairytales  don’t count for the original (too many variations in the story origin plus there are a LOT of retellings of them out there). Same for straight adaptations.
  • There will be an optional Twitter chat in the last week of every month (I’ll put those details up later) for those who want to get together, discuss author’s twists on these stories and basically have a good time.
  • Optional Twitter group also will be created for those who want to keep up and discuss.

For example, if the book of the month is ‘Macbeth’, you can read The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove or the recent As I Descended. Or maybe you could see ‘Clueless’ in an ‘Emma’ book month! Or in a ‘Wizard of Oz’ month, you could read Dorothy Must Die.

Alternative prompt – for those who want to take it a step further, you can even write up a post comparing the original and the retelling you read, and talk about what appealed to you and what you liked best!

Sign Ups

No official sign-ups! You can drop me a comment below or look me up on Twitter to join. Or just tweet with #TAARC17

Spread the word

Grab the button for your site, and help spread  the word!

Then & Again Reading Challenge
Then & Again Reading Challenge

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