Review: Reindeer Boy

Reindeer BoyReindeer Boy by Cassandra Jean
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quincy has the same dream every year on Christmas Eve – of finding a little boy holding a special gift for her under the tree – and every Christmas morning, she’s awoken to find a gift wrapped in tinfoil with her name on it…

When school resumes after the winter break, Quincy’s class discovers they have an unusual new transfer student named Cupid. Ridiculously cute and friendly, the new boy has everyone both enamored and confused. Those antlers can’t be real…can they?? With Cupid having seemingly set his sights on Quincy, it seems she’ll be having a memorable year indeed!

This magic realism book about Santa’s reindeers and a girl who has a special connection with them is so cute. Quincy has always got a gift on Christmas eve and a dream about a boy with antlers who comes to place it, only now there is a real live boy as her new classmate who does seem to have antlers. Effervescent and adorable, Cupid charms everyone in his vicinity, but Quincy finds him odd. She wonders whether he is really one of Santa’s reindeers, but when she meets the rest of his family, she can’t deny the truth any longer. Also, she seems to have small bumps of her own on her forehead as well, which means she also might be growing antlers.

Speaking of the reindeers, it was interesting how the exposition for them was subtly delivered until the ending chapter. Of course, their origins and their age remains a mystery (so much questions about canon), but I love the characters Cassandra has created. This was a book I was looking forward to for quite some time (ever since she started posting about it on her Tumblr, tbh) and it didn’t disappoint. My favorite at this moment is probably Comet – he is so calm and collected, and he is always reading. I loved how the potential love triangle was averted in the form of Conway bonding with Blitzen and Dasher instead. Also, the meta nods made me scream in joy, like the time Quincy almost says Rudolph, or when Comet’s locker is shown and the titles of the books are so similar to famous YA books. (I am really hoping for Cuckoos Three to be a real thing out in the world, btw)

If you are looking for an oddly enchanting tale, this graphic novel is for you. The artwork is simplistic yet pleasant – and has a lot of manga influences, rather than Western graphic novel similarities. I would have loved a little dash of color in it, really, but I must satisfy myself with staring at the full color illustrations of each of them at the start of the book (just like a manga, I told ya). I would be happy if there were more books about the reindeer boys and girls – it is so pure, and honestly even a sitcom-like story about various odd stuff happening in their lives would do, for me.

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