Review: Half Lies: A Half Bad story

Half Lies: A Half Bad story
Half Lies: A Half Bad story by Sally Green
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A short story set in the universe of Half Bad trilogy, Half Lies tells the story of Gabriel’s younger sister Michele, through a series of diary entries. At a timepoint before he got his Gifts, the story is about how the Black and White Witch segregation can be unnecessarily cruel. Michele falls in love with a boy and he turns out to be a White Witch, which considering they live in a Black Witch community, is taboo. Nevertheless, she pursues it, even after Gabriel warning her. It is sweet to see their brother-sister relationship but the diary entries themselves are too syrupy to read through. She comes across as childish and spoiled, and it grates after some time. It, however, reinforces the divide the this secret world of witches; also, it takes place in US, where the White and Black Witches live in nearly equal power as opposed to Britain where the White rule with self-righteousness, so it is a change and shows a different slice of this universe.

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