Why I hate the evil scientist trope in every goddamn sci-fi novel

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I may be a book blogger by night, but by day I spend my time as a scientist, specifically a tumour immunologist. You may assume that due to my vocation, scientific inaccuracies in books would drive me crazy. Mostly, they don’t (Okay, sometimes they do, but within reason), but the one type of inaccuracy that I have thoroughly reached my tolerance level for is the portray of scientists as amoral, ethically bankrupt, animal-torturing jerkfaces.

You may think Why does it matter? It’s only fiction! or even, well yeah, scientists are amoral, ethically bankrupt, animal-torturing jerkfaces, but the problem is that it’s completely untrue, and this fictional view of scientists does shape peoples’ opinions of science and scientists in the real world.

Well, today, gentle book lovers, I’m going to tell you a little bit about what it’s like to actually be a scientist. And I can tell you, it’s very…

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The evil scientist trope, why it’s doing real world damage to scientists, and why authors need to stop.

5 thoughts on “The evil scientist trope, why it’s doing real world damage to scientists, and why authors need to stop.

      • It’s sort of reached a point where if something doesn’t change, and if people don’t start giving a shit about science and the people who do science, we’re going to face another dark age. Science can’t continue like this.

        • Honestly, people are more ready to trust anyone else against a scientist, even when the latter is standing there with hard cold facts, logic and data to match. A politician will say something and it will be the gospel truth, but a scientist has to have a 10-year research backing them up and still won’t be believed.

          • people believe opinion is equal to fact these days. And they believe that you cant argue with someone’s opinion. Like opinions have some sort of inherent value. Science is not an opinion. There’s a huge difference. And this weird idea that every issue needs to be balanced with for or against. People are tired of experts and their facts getting in the way of their convenient opinions.

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