ARC Review: Teen Titans: Earth One, Vol. 2

Teen Titans: Earth One, Vol. 2Teen Titans: Earth One, Vol. 2 by Jeff Lemire
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Picking right up after the cliffhanger ending to the first volume, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Terra and Aqualad are in desperate straits: they’re homeless, destitute, and on the run from Cadmus, the project that created them. Unfortunately, Cadmus has more surprises up its sleeve… and a whole new set of teenage weapons, with none of the bothersome morals of the originals!

This volume came so much later than the first that I was a bit lost at the start. Continuing after the events of Volume 1, the Teen Titans (Cyborg, Terra, Beast Boy & Aqualad) are now on the run, while Raven is learning about and protecting Starfire. Meanwhile, their sneaky fellow Titan J-something is revealed to be a double agent. Needless to say, Star Labs is on the hunt and their enemy is Cadmus, who is this creepy dude who likes to brainwash children into thinking he is their father. *le sigh* What these Titans don’t know is that there is another set of Titans that has been even more brainwashed – they are basically Cadmus’ soldiers, and come to hunt them down. Cyborg is weakening because the metal is overtaking him, and even with Raven and Starfire’s help things get difficult. We get a bit more insight into how Star Labs had created the Titans, but the story is pretty short and predictable. The artwork, too, isn’t impressive, when you compare with Volume 1. Sure, it looks grittier, more detailed and suits the tense atmosphere of the storyline, but I miss the clean lines and pleasant color scheme of the first one. As a sequel, it is a bit of a letdown in terms of artwork but story is more intense.

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Received a free galley from DC Comics, via Netgalley and Edelweiss, in exchange for an honest review.

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